LVO 2020 AoS Champs Lists Due Today

Friendly reminder, the AoS Champs lists are due by midnight PST tonight, the 13th of January. Get them uploaded to avoid a Yellow Card.

List Expectations

  • Lists are due by midnight PST, January 13th, 2020.
  • They are to be submitted via BCP using Warscroll Builder.
  • Build the list click on the “?” Then click “copy”, then past into BCP and add the army mission.
  • If you have questions, please email the TO Scott at:


  • If having trouble, be sure you are using the same email address in BCP you used to purchase the ticket.
  • Make sure you spelled your email address correctly when you purchased your ticket.
  • If you bought a ticket after the BCP upload date (January 3rd, 2020), had a ticket transferred to you or a friend bought your ticket for you, you will need to email to be added to the BCP registration. Include your order #, first and last name, game you are playing (AoS Champs) and BCP email.

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