GW Grognard: New Year but not new army

Hey everyone! Adam, from TFG Radio, here to talk about the wonderful world of Warhammer 40,000.

All the cool kids have them

We are well into the start of a new year. As with many people, we all want to start out the new year on the right foot. Many people resolve to do things like exercise more, lose weight, visit relatives, travel, or other endeavors. For us 40K players there are even more things we can do. It can be things like painting your army, getting a 3d printer, starting a new league or tournament for your local community, or just starting a new army. There are actually a lot of aspects of the hobby that you can improve. I plan to improve on none of them.

Unfulfilled Promises Coming in Hot

Ok, maybe I will improve on something. There is a lot going on right now, I don’t have time to improve myself, in the hobby at least. Sure, I have piles upon piles of unopened boxes of Games Workshop models. I even have bag and boxes of unopened games from other companies. I really don’t feel the need to get through that pile right now. Currently, because of a small tournament called LVO, I am a little preoccupied. Same thing for my painting issue. I have a metric ton of unpainted models, and I have no interest in finishing that pile. I know that there are certain models that I want to get done but there really is no hurry for me to get it done. As for a new army, I already have a number of army in the works. I have an Iron Warriors army I need to paint, the start of a Sisters of battle army, and pieces of a Renegades and Heretics army that I need to put together. I’m not even including the judging that I will be doing at various events this year. So there is plenty for me to do without having to add to my plate

Don’t let me stop you from you doing you. Like I mentioned, there are plenty of resolutions you can make for the hobby, and some of them are easy to fulfill. You can easily add to your current armies to fill them out for possible future battles. You never know how the next FAQ or codex will affect those under utilized units. You may as well get paint on those models while your at it. You could have a moment of brilliance at any time and having those models ready at hand will easily help you when attending a tournament. So make yourself those promises to build up your forces and have them painted. Always be ready to pounce on those opportunities to improve your army, thus improving yourself.

Now I know it sounds like “Do as I say, not as I do”. That’s because it is. Just because I am lazy doesn’t mean you need to be. So get going on those resolutions, and when you see me at LVO, let me know how you’re doing with them.

That’s all for this week, I hope you enjoyed the read. Let me know your thoughts, and your plans for the new year, in the comments section. Don’t forget to visit our Facebook, Twitch, and Patreon pages to stay up to date on what we’re up to and when episodes drop!

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Adam, aka Latin Gandalf, has been gaming since the early eighties and has played 40K since Rogue Trader (among a number of other games). He listens to more podcasts than any healthy person should and is currently the host for TFG Radio. He also is judges for LVO and head judges other major 40K Grand Tournaments.

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