Adepta Sororitas Order Convictions: Flamer… or Death?

How do you like your heretics? Reduced to piles of primordial ooze by melta beams, smouldering corpses wreathed in liquid fire by flamers, or perforated and exploderised into bloody chunks by volleys of bolter fire? Well, your preferred method of purging the unclean can be reflected by the choice of Order Conviction you apply to your Adepta Sororitas army, and today we’re looking at three of those available to choose from.

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Holier Than Thou

We’ve covered this Order Conviction before, but as it’s a great one for players who are new to the army, we’re going to take a deeper look.

The Battle Sisters of the Order of Our Martyred Lady are foremost among the Orders of the Adepta Sororitas, their dedication to the God-Emperor unrivalled among their peers. Their fierce conviction, even unto death, is rewarded with an equally fierce boon from the Master of Mankind.

The Acts of Faith ability of the Adepta Sororitas is incredibly powerful, enabling you to avoid the risk of a random dice roll by using a predetermined score from your pool of Miracle dice instead. Any opportunity for you to earn additional Miracle dice for your pool is always a welcome one and you don’t even need to do anything in particular to earn them (or make use of the Order’s other ability). Just stick to your normal game plan and take advantage of the extra Miracle dice and bonuses to your hit rolls as the battle unfolds! As such, this Conviction makes an excellent choice for any player, from the newly ordained to the hardened veteran.

Super Miracles?

Another way to make the most of your Miracle dice is with the Order Conviction of the Ebon Chalice. In addition to a chance of ignoring mortal wounds, the Battle Sisters of the Ebon Chalice can double down on their Miracle dice for maximum output.

This ability offers a really useful way to make the most of the lowest scoring Miracle dice in your pool. Sure, they can be used to pass Morale checks with ease, but the Ebon Chalice gives you other options. Imagine you’ve just hit with a Damage D6 weapon – the Adepta Sororitas are rarely short of a melta weapon or two – but you don’t have any high Miracle dice remaining. Rather than trust the vagaries of fate, you can expend two dice to guarantee a result of 6 – a real game changer in a tight spot!

Wall of Faith

If you like the idea of stoically holding the line against a tide of heretics, traitors and xenos while punishing them with relentless salvos of blessed munitions, the Valorous Heart is the Order for you…

If you choose this Order Conviction, consider including an Imagifier or two in your army as well.

Not only is the new model frankly stunning, but you’ll have the option to augment the effects of your Order Conviction further by combining it with the Imagifier’s Litany of Deeds ability – more specifically, the Tale of the Stoic.

Set up your infantry squads in cover wherever possible (and preferably near an Imagifier) to grant them an effective saving throw of 2+, and watch all but the heaviest weapons fire bounce harmlessly off your Sisters’ power armour! And even if you fail a save, there’s still the odd chance that your hardy Sororitas will just shrug it off!

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