BCP Update and LVO 2020 GW Games List Uploads are Live

Time to start getting those army lists uploaded into BCP for GW games at the LVO 2020!

Our good friends over at Best Coast Pairings have a press release for us concerning updates to their awesome app:

Happy New Year from your team at Best Coast Pairings! An update was just released for both the Player App and the TO App that has a new feature set we are pretty excited to tell you about. The technology we used to scan lists at events such as LVO and Iron Halo is now integrated into the BCP system, quickly and easily letting players and TOs know if lists are properly formatted. When a list is submitted, BCP performs a basic validation check on the list verifying that it is in one of the acceptable formats (ITC Standard, ETC, or War Scroll Builder) and comparing the points listed in detachments to the total listed for the units. If the list is in the proper format and the points add up correctly the list will be green in the roster. If the list fails the check it will appear as yellow and the player will receive notification to update the list. The player and TO can view the report from the roster or the player details screen to see what needs to be corrected. 

This new tool has laid the framework for more advanced features users have been asking us for, this is just the beginning. It is also important to note that this feature is not intended to check a player’s list for legality of play, appropriate cost for units and upgrades, or which faction you chose. Ultimately, players must still be responsible for the content of their list and what they bring to the table; BCP will just help to make sure it looks right. We will keep working to improve and grow this tool and welcome your feedback and suggestions as we roll this out. 

You can now upload lists for the 40k Champs, AoS Champs, and 40k Friendly at the LVO 2020. You have until the 13th to get your list uploaded correctly. If you fail to do so, you will be issued a Yellow Card. See full 40k Champs event guidelines, here.

If you had a ticket transferred to you or someone else bought your ticket, email Frankie@FrontlineGaming.org to be added to the registration list if you don’t see your name on it currently.

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  1. James Mackenzie January 9, 2020 6:18 am #

    How do we set Team Names for BCP? I’m registered and have submitted my list correctly but can’t set my team name? Its always just been automatic for me?


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