GW Grognard: You’re Welcome

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a nice Christmas, as Adam, from TFG Radio, tells you why he makes it better.

There is a lot going on right now and I’m not even talking about Warhammer 40,000 or Games Workshop. We are in between Christmas and the New Year and I know all of you have a lot of plans going on. Between putting together all your new models that you got, and planning your activities to celebrate the New Year, it really is a busy time for a lot of people. Other than a heartfelt “Happy Holidays” and “Happy New Year” to all of you, there is one other message that I want to give you all… “You’re Welcome!”

You might be wondering, “Why?” Well there are plenty of reasons. I is that I bring a bright spark to your otherwise dull lives. I know you can’t all be driving Cadillacs, have ex-models wives, or play in a semi-active coed Sunday Softball team, while working your ten figure income jobs, so I bring a little brightness to your grimdark existence. I also provide you with a very valuable learning experience. Where else can you really hone your English skills other than reading my articles and correcting them for grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. Although I think grammar covered all of that, but who cares. I am sure Danny Ruiz specifically appreciates me keeping him on his toes when he reads my articles, since he doesn’t get enough of it when working. Finally, the fact that I am actually sharing my precious time with you all is enough for all of you to be bowing at my feet. I mean just look at what I gave you last week! People pay top dollar for fantastic ideas like the ones I gave. The fact that you got them for free is a testament to my good nature and shows how much I care about humanity.

Disgusting! Ultramarines are the worst!

I could go on but that really is unnecessary. This one article a week that I contribute to this small, unknown, website should easily be enough to fill the empty void, where ever that may be. I don’t judge*. I don’t feel the need to bring up that this weekly article brings so much to the table that you need to add an extra end table or two to fit it all in. The brilliance contained in these small articles are such, that, when I pass on top the next world, they will continue to inspire and enlighten future generations. Don’t worry though, I have plans in place so that I will never die. This old Grognard will be here for a loooooong time and will always have plenty of wisdom to display for the unwashed masses. Aren’t you guys lucky!

That’s all for this week! Be sure to leave a note in the comments section below! Happy Holidays and see you next year! Don’t forget to visit our Facebook, Twitch, and Patreon pages to stay up to date on what we’re up to and when episodes drop!

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*I always judge you


About Adam

Adam, aka Latin Gandalf, has been gaming since the early eighties and has played 40K since Rogue Trader (among a number of other games). He listens to more podcasts than any healthy person should and is currently the host for TFG Radio. He also is judges for LVO and head judges other major 40K Grand Tournaments.

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