Kit Focus: Start Collecting! Slaves to Darkness

Welcome, traveller. Long have you waited for a sign of the World Razor’s coming. Long have you battled in the Bloodwind Spoil in search of glory in His eyes. Now, the Slaves to Darkness march forth once more from the Varanspire – and wow, they’re looking pretty slick!

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This weekend, some of Warhammer’s most iconic models are getting reimagined for the Mortal Realms with Start Collecting! Slaves to Darkness – a new set containing ALL-NEW models. This is the first Start Collecting! set to ever contain 100% never-seen-before sculpts, making it a brilliant way to start a Slaves to Darkness force or refresh your existing one. Just look at those Chaos Warriors!

The design of Chaos Warriors is almost as old as Warhammer itself, and we’ve retained their iconic aesthetic while throwing in some neat touches to tie them into the background of the Mortal Realms. As well as furs, these corrupted crusaders wear a range of exotic beast hides and carry trophies from across Sigmar’s domain.

The poses in this kit are designed to maximise character and dynamism, while still fitting in alongside your existing Chaos Warriors, making it easy to expand and blend your collection. The set also contains a choice of heads for each warrior, letting you field them as faceless, helmeted raiders, or adding extra personality to each with a male or female bare head, from snarling marauders of Chaos to terrifying mutants. These are also great for customising your Chaos Lords and favourite characters if you’re willing to get handy with some green stuff and a hobby knife!

The Chaos Knights in the set are no less resplendent. Their horses alone look like they’d be more than a match for a Liberator!

The Mortal Realms will ask for mercy, and I will say…NEIGH.

Both noble and terrifying, the Chaos Knights are full of motion and dynamism, really capturing the speed and force for which they are known on the battlefield. Finely wrought, baroque armour establishes these warriors as the very elite to Chaos, seasoned champions well along the Path to Glory.

The Chaos Knights also feature an optional champion, with their own helmet and a particularly nasty looking flail…

But who could lead such charnel chevaliers? Why, the Chaos Lord on Karkadrak of course!

Looking like they could have leapt straight from the pages of Realm of Chaos, this deadly duo are the ideal commanders for your Chaos force, acting as a perfect counterpart to the mounted champions of other factions in the Mortal Realms.

Also, this thing is huge. Here’s how he looks next to poor old Johan…

The icing on the cake? You get two heads in the kit – meaning you’ll both get to customise the model to suit your tastes, and you’ll have an awesome spare left over! 

And Beyond!

And of course, this isn’t all for the Slaves to Darkness! These kits won’t be replacing anything that’s currently in the range, meaning if you like the original models, good news – you’ll be able to keep using them! What’s more, this weekend will see even more new models released with the Slaves to Darkness Endless Spells.

Stay tuned for more previews of the Slaves to Darkness later this week, and pre-order your new sets this weekend!

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