By The Emperor! Issue #9

Background in Day Trading & Currency Exchange Shown as Critical Skills for Use In 40k Purchases via Online Marketplaces, Study Finds

MANHATTAN, NEW YORK – After interviewing various collectors, sellers, and buyers throughout the hobby, a recent study has shown that getting deals on Warhammer 40k model using eBay and other online markets, is directly linked to having a background in Day Trading, Stock Market Finance, and Currency Exchange Economics. The study was run by Alpha Rius Labs, a sister company to BTE! under the Omego News Conglomerate. BTE! was asked to interview one of the key participants of the study, David Hastings.

Formerly working for World City International Ventures as a stock market analyst, David has recently turned his full attention to the analysis and strategy behind Warhammer 40k models after retail. His new startup, “Rogue Model Trading”, has recently launched as a brokerage and deal-finder for hobby supplies and various model kits. Business, he claims, is booming.

“Honestly, it’s a fascinating new frontier for the hobby,” said David, surrounded by monitors of financial data and spreadsheets. “While Best Coast Pairings and ITC Battles have brought us to a new understanding of in-game data, the constant ebb and flow of the competitive meta has turned sites like eBay, Bartertown, and Facebook Marketplace into a Wild West of opportunity for financial analysts like me.”

“At any given month now, the meta can have a status shift, or a codex can have a ‘nerf’ or a ‘buff’, and you’ll see a whole slew of listings. For example, in the recent Space Marine 2.0 release, a whole host of primaris marine sales, previously just sitting there for months, were sold out in a number of days and usually at a profit of 10-20% of MSRP. By following market trends, industry rumors, and production timings, I personally was able to make approximately $350 in the course of a week, and even picked up a bunch of new kits as a base for my Black Templar’s army.”

David continued after enjoying a hearty swig of his thermos of coffee. “But here’s the kicker. You know who actually comes out on top from a buying perspective in this scenario? Dark Angels. Considering they received no real rules bonus, and with the attention on codex compliant chapters, Dark Angel’s models dropped to an average of twenty-five percent off retail in all buying sectors. Twenty-five percent! This was a huge and largely unnoticed market shift; Dark Angels sales went through the roof, as everyone was buying the models to use in custom chapters as Codex SM Successors. I had several clients make an absolute killing buying models for their actual Dark Angels armies too – but not on the hobby table, because…well you know, Dark Angels are still pretty terrible in-game.”

“Some factions do hurt though, but that isn’t always a bad thing. Right now Necrons are selling for quite cheap. However, I’m expecting an uptick in their popularity based on what I estimate to be a springtime Psychic Awakening rules pack for them, so I recommend buying now. And people should be selling T’au before their stock plummets at the same time next spring.”

David ended the interview by stating that he is looking to take on more clients, and alluded to a possible increase in popularity for Grey Knights again after Chapter Approved, Psychic Awakening, and the Spring points realignment came together.

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4 Responses to “By The Emperor! Issue #9”

  1. JVail November 12, 2019 11:58 am #

    Those are some good insights, but have you tried investing in Space Wolves? Obviously, with the imminent return of Leman Russ, as a Loyalist Primarch that will shift the meta back to Space Wolves being the dominant archetype, these models are extremely hot right now and sell for well below retail value! I recommend picking up your Thunderwolf Cavalry, as theyre sure to not punish them AGAIN in the next chapter approved, for what happened in 5th Edition.

    • Alium Cepa November 12, 2019 1:42 pm #

      Dear JVail,

      This is an excellent take. Thank you for providing this insight for everyone!

      From our sources, we understand there’s a good number of Space Wolves to be found at Alaxxes Nebula Games. Practically unused!


      BTE! Staff

  2. WestRider November 12, 2019 1:06 pm #

    But how’s the 40K Models Derivatives market?

    • Alium Cepa November 12, 2019 1:44 pm #

      Dear WestRider,

      We will ask David Hastings to get in touch with you to answer your question. In the meantime, if you have any other financial insight, please privately message the BTE! Team first, along with your location, so we can validate your information and buy you a cup of tea, as a thank you.


      BTE! Staff

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