Eldritch Elves!

Hey guys Cavalier here, co-host of Splintermind the Dark Eldar podcast and commission painter for Frontline Gaming. Sharing my technique for an otherworldly approach to Doomfire Warlocks!

At present I’m working on a MONSTER Daughters of Khaine commission for a client and he asked for variety in the paint jobs. So given the sorcerous nature of the Doomfire Warlocks I wanted to go for an etheral/eldritch vibe. So here is my technique!

Step 1
Assemble the upper body of the Warlock and prime it Corax White. Attach it to  the horse after you’ve painted the horse/lower body. It just helps avoiding getting paint on that pure white paint.


Step 2

Pick out the details such as the vambraces, the bit of the reins and the blade. Clean up anything that gets on that Corax White. I actually use Ulthuan Grey over the actual Corax White paint simply because its more opaque. They are completely identical.

Step 3

With a 50/50 mix of Lahmian Medium and Baharroth Blue, apply like a wash to the hair. You can really work this stuff into the grooves and not worry about it. Ulthuan Grey goes on like a dream over this wash. This color ties in with the magical brand on the horse and makes a nice counter-point between the two.

Step 4

Black out the eyes and clean up any mess you made with Ulthuan Grey. Then do a 60/40 mix of Lahmian Medium and Coeilia Greenshade, one of my favorite shades of all time from GW. Liberally apply all over the torso. Dab away anything that pools on the chest but dont worry too much about that.

Step 5

Final step! Really just let the wash ride and highlight all the muscles with Ulthuan Grey bringing it up to pure white. On any flat surfaces like chest muscles or the scapula, apply Celestra Grey and highlight that with Ulthuan Grey. If you got the Lahmian Medium/Coeilia Greenshade mix right, the Celestra Grey should be a near match and really blend the shaded areas very naturally. Highlight the hair with Ulthuan Grey as well. The entire effect should be that these creatures are pulsing with an unearthly light and the subtle differences between the Bahrroth Blue shading and the Coeilia Greenshade read as different textures (skin and hair). Finally dot the eyes with Bahrroth Blue and a tiny dab of Ulthuan Grey in the dead center get a “glowing eyes” effect and you are done!

This is a fairly quick technique so long as your shading game is on point. I’ve found these models a joy to paint and a fun challenge to infuse variety into an army. If you have any questions please post them in the comments below and thanks for reading! If you are interested in Aeldari discussion check out our podcast: Splintermind for exclusive Drukharii and all things Aeldari news and discussion. If you are interested in following my painting exploits check me out on Instagram! Thanks for reading and stay tuned!


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  1. Reecius November 3, 2019 8:14 am #

    Great tutorial and love the models!

    • Cavalier November 3, 2019 10:32 am #

      Thanks bud yeah the models are sick!

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