Mike’s Primaris Project Part 5- Adding to the Force

Hi everyone, Mike here with the next installment of my Dark Angels Primaris army. For more reviews and analyses, check out the Tactics Corner.

I have been on a painting frenzy this last week, trying to get my Primaris army ready for their first game. I was able to get all these units painted up very quickly, using my painting guide that I detailed in Part 4. This is a nice and easy way to get an army done in a good tabletop standard quickly.

I find that upcoming games or tournaments make a great deadline for getting a unit or army painted up quickly. I’m sure many of us have spent a furious few days getting a squad ready for an upcoming event, and these can serve as a real focus for getting a project finished.

However, if you are not a fan of painting a ton of grey plastic, or want some help getting the army ready for a tight deadline, check out the FLG Paint Studio. They offer a great range of options and prices for getting your army or a few choice additions to your force painted up.

Here are my completed units that I will be adding to my Primaris army.

The Inceptors give me some good mobility and solid firepower in the force.

Reivers also have some good deployment options on the tabletop, as well as the ability to shut down enemy overwatch.

Intercessors will form the core of the army, giving me some solid backfield firepower to take on the enemy.

A Primaris Lieutenant will provide a solid buff for nearby units, as well as some combat potential with a Power Sword.

The force will be led by a Primaris Master in Gravis Armour. This gives him T5, making it harder for standard infantry to take him on in combat, was well as giving him strong combat options with the Power Sword and Boltstorm Guantlet.

With the starting force for my army completed, I am now ready to get my first game in with the Dark Angels Primaris army. I’ll be posting the battle report for this in the coming weeks, as well as some of the lessons learnt during the game.

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