Pure Blood Angels go 5-0 Game 2

Thomas is back with Game 2 of his stunning 5-0 run with pure Blood Angels at the Boise Cup Major!

Read the Game 1 report, here.

The List:

Thomas Hegstrom Oakley – Boise Cup

  • Detachment Battalion 5CP (Blood Angels) [34pl, 547pts]
  • Chapter tactics: Blood Angels

Sanginor [150pts, 9pl] x1
Chaplain with jump pack [99pts, 6pl] x1 powerfist
Librarian with jump pack [127pts, 7pl] x1 force sword, inferno pistol

Scouts [57pts, 4pl] x5 stormbolter on sergeant, combat knives, bolt pistols
Scouts [57pts, 4pl] x5 stormbolter on sergeant, combat knives, bolt pistols
Scouts [57pts, 4pl] x5 stormbolter on sergeant, combat knives, bolt pistols

  • Detachment Battalion 5CP (Blood Angels) [24pl, 434pts]
  • Chapter tactics:Blood Angels

Sanginuary Priest with jump pack index [86pts, 5pl] x1 chainsword, chainsword
Captain with jump pack [124pts, 6pl] x1 thunderhammer, stormshield

Scouts [57pts, 4pl] x5 stormbolter on sergeant, combat knives, bolt pistols
Scouts [57pts, 4pl] x5 stormbolter on sergeant, combat knives, bolt pistols
Infiltrators [110pts, 5pl] x5 bolt carbines

  • Detachment Vanguard 1CP (Blood Angels) [56pl, 918pts]
  • Chapter tactics:Blood Angels

Librarian in Phobos armour [111pts, 6pl] x1 force sword, camo cloak

Sanguinary Ancient [83pts, 6pl] x1 encarmine sword, inferno pistol, standard of sacrifice
Death Company [380pts, 27pl] x15 5 thunderhammers, 10 chainsword, 10 bolters
Sanguinary Guard [344pts, 20pl] x10 8 encarmine swords, 2 powerfists, 10 angelus boltguns

  • Operative Requisition Sanctioned -2 CP [5 pl, 85 pts]
  • TOTALS: 12 CP, 16 drops [119pl, 1984pts]

Game two (ITC Champion’s Mission 2)

  • For this game I took Marked for Death, Big Game Hunter, and Kingslayer.
  • My opponent Sean Morgan (AbusePuppy) took, Recon, Head Hunter, and I think also Marked for Death.

I erased the score sheet unfortunately so bear with me as we go from memory on this game. He had a nasty Aeldari list with 6 flyers:

  • 3 Crimson Hunter Exarchs
  • 3 Razorwings
  • 5 Wave Serpents
  • 3 eight man squads of Storm Guardians
  • Farseer
  • Warlock
  • Warlord Autarch on Jetbike with all the usual trimmings.

I opted to take an extra relic pregame (the relic jump pack, which gives re-roll charge, and no overwatch to the bearer) which I put on my Smash Captain. He lost the roll off so I chose the deployment zone, rolled for deployment type (vanguard strike, which was good, because he didn’t have a super deep deployment zone, but bad because I didn’t even get a proper ‘L’ shape ruin to huddle behind in my deployment zone), and he would be able to choose whether he’d deploy first or second. The player that deploys first goes first unless seized on. He opted to have me deploy first. There were no ‘magic boxes’ or even full ruins on this table. There were ‘L’ shaped ruins but no way to keep his flyers and Wave Serpents from chewing my squishy (and not so squishy) infantry and characters to pieces.

From his perspective I’m sure forcing me to go first would mean he could not only counter deploy me, but easily protect his flyers from a first turn charge of my Death Company and/or Sanguinary Guard and just counter move whatever I tried. I was sweating a bit, but not entirely panicking because luckily for me my army has lots of jump packs so isn’t worried about actually smacking flyers. Also with Forlorn Fury, and/or Upon Wings of Pire I knew I could cross the distance. Knowing he could Vect one of my strats, had only 3 characters, and only 2 psychers I brought the Callidus again. She was clutch in making him make hard choices with his limited CP (only 10 to start with).

I deployed lots of my Scouts and Infiltrators in what cover existed on my objective and to screen my characters, in case he decided to try and seize. I didn’t really have a choice but to go for it with the Death Company, so I put them on the deployment line in front of my characters across from his line. The Smash Captain I opted to keep by my objective in case one of his flyers decided to cut an angle and kill my troops huddling there. The rest of my characters deployed behind the Death Company in a small ruin again in case he tried to seize. Finally the Callidus and Sanguinary Guard stayed in deepstrike reserve. Sean set up as predicted (and was frankly smart) with his flyers mostly up against the back edge of his deployment zone with the Wave Serpents in front of them to screen. Honestly I think he made the right choice, just didn’t predict how much damage I could really put out with the Death Company.

Turn 1

He decided not to seize and I went first. I began by declaring I would Forlorn Fury the Death Company, I measured it out to make sure I could get the charge I wanted before doing so. I don’t know if this added to his decision to Vect or if he was going to all along, but he immediately did. Having the Callidus in the list meant I could roll to make him pay an extra CP per strat used, which was great when Vect already costs 4CP. He rolled a 2, refunding me my 2CP and I rolled a 4 or 5 (can’t remember for sure) and it cost him 5 of his 10 CP.

I then declared I would use Upon Wings of Fire and set up my Death Company 9″ from his serpents and one flyer that was at the edge of his deployment zone. I think the placement of this flyer was a mistake on his part, but again he had a lot of big vehicles and a narrow deployment zone, so eh. He didn’t choose to Vect this (he could because technically the Forlorn Fury takes place at the beginning of the game before the first turn, and Upon Wings of Fire is in the movement phase), this was probably an oversight on his part, but then again that would have probably been all his CP used up. Instead he choice to use the strat that lets him fire one unit at a newly arrived enemy unit. He used it on one of his Crimson Hunters Exarch. They’re nasty and potential could have killed 7 of the Death Company (not totally unlikely when the flyer hit on 2s and re-rolled ones, followed by wound on 3s and re-rolling to wound because I had the ‘Fly’ keyword). Unfortunately for him, he only wounded 5 times and I saved 2 of them. So only 3 Death Company were removed. He did get one of those CP back using his Autarch’s command ability, so Vect was still a possibility.

I then moved up all my support characters and tried to rush units of Scouts forward to give them screens. Unfortunately the one unit of scouts I deployed in the center of the table behind a ruin wall flubbed their advance, which meant it was possible for some of my fast moving characters (that needed to be close in to give their 6″ aura’s to my Death Company that I had strung back to get them) to be picked out by his flyers the following turn. I cast +1 attack on the Death Company from my Libby and then charged in declaring on everything I could reach which was one flyer and 3 Wave Serpents. I used 2 more CP for Descent of Angels strat which allows a unit just set up (or reset up in this case) to roll 3D6″ for their charge. He didn’t attempt a Vect. I think he killed one DC on overwatch (sub par rolling, something that plagued him throughout the game). I then picked up the flyer and half of each of the 2 Wave Serpents I reached initially.

I made sure on the one flyer using 3 of the 5 Thunder Hammers in the unit to take it down. Frankly this was way over kill, considering that the DC on the charge buffed, with the psychic power and the Sanguinor have 5 attacks each with Thunder Hammers. Furthermore they hit on 4’s re-rolling 1’s and 2’s for the Chaplain and then buffed to str 10 (str 4 +1 from the Sanguinary Priest to 5 before doubling to 10) they wound on 3s, but receive the BA +1 to wound on the first round of combat. So, really wounding on 2’s and re-rolling any 1’s because of the Sanguinary Ancient. Something like 12 Thunder Hammer wounds, which he saved maybe 2 of was a bit much honestly. Seeing that I hadn’t killed the 2 wave serpents and wanted a piece of the 3rd I went ahead and spent 3 more CP to fight again. For those keeping a tally I spent 7 CP of my 11 CP I started with after an extra relic. The results of the fight again strat saw all 3 of his Wave Serpents picked up. None exploded and it was his first turn.

He moved his now disembarked Warlock, and unit Storm Guardians as well as the Farseer away. In fact all his stuff moved away and around the hill in his deployment zone. All the flyers congregating in the middle of the table near his edge of it. I don’t blame him for making the move away from the Death Company, it’s a dice game and anything can happen (and his dice were already screwing him), but I do question his decision to keep all his remaining flyers close together, knowing I still had the Sanguinary Guard in reserve. He tried to Jinx my Death Company, failing and opted not to re-roll again considering my Callidus was still in effect. He did get Doom off with the Farseer re-roll.

During his shooting phase he easily picked up my Death Company, not even having to use a single flyer on them because I failed a lot of easy 3+’s. Again, it’s a dice game. Unfortunately for him his flyer movement meant that only 2 of them were able to target characters from the angle he chose. My flubbing the advance roll on my Scouts had actually paid off in leaving the unit mostly behind a ruin wall but still closer than most of his flyers to my characters. He shot and killed several Scouts, but failed to pick up any full units of them, and also failed to knock out either the Sanguinor or my Phobos Librarian which he targeted. Now in fairness to him the Sanguinor decided to have none of his shit and fnp’d 3 wounds on a 5+, I felt the need apologize for that cause the odds of that hapenning were staggering. So at the end of turn 1 I had taken 3 wounds on the Phobos librarian, and 2 on the Sanguinor. 4-2 me.

Turn 2

I exploited his placement of his flyers by moving my support characters up and behind the central ruin which was enclosed on 3 sides. This allowed me to keep them out of LOS from where the flyers currently were and screen the open side with the remaining scouts. I placed my Librarians so they could Smite snipe one of his Razorwings, moved up my Smash Captain to near the central ruin and then dropped in the Sanguinary Guard 9″ from his flyers. At this point I made a mistake and switched the die I was using to mark the Sanguinor’s 2 wounds for the 3 remaining CP I had (having used one to re-roll an invulnerable save of the Sanguinor’s on Sean’s turn 1 shooting) so I actually lost myself a CP for later in the turn.

I made a roll of a 1 for the Callidus allowing her to drop in 4″ away from his Farseer and Warlock (clutch or so I thought). I then used psychic powers to give the Sanguinary Guard +1 attack and Smite 5’ish wounds off the one Razorwing. I also used the Phobos power that can possible make a unit -1 to hit (on a leadership check at -1) having replaced the Tenebrous Curse which I usually bring considering it doesn’t work against anything with the fly keyword). He failed the check and now had a flyer hitting only on 5s. My shooting took another couple wounds off it, I think knocking it to hitting only on 6’s. I used my now (or so I thought) remaining 2 cp to give the sanguinary guard a 3D6″ charge. He killed only one Sang Guard on overwatch and I split my attacks between 2 of his flyers. With their 4 attacks each with swords and 2 Power Fists, I  took out two flyers while doing some damage to a 3rd. My Callidus must of spent to much time sewing confusion because she failed a 4″ charge and stood there looking stupid right next to his whole army.

His turn 2 he opted to spread his remaining 3 flyers out netting him a recon point, but also keeping most of their fire power where it could shoot the Sanguinary Guard. His Autarch and wave serpents moved up as well to put more shots into the Sanguinary Guard, while the Farseer, Warlock, and a unit of Storm Guardians stuck behind to deal with the Callidus who’d not only failed the charge but taken 2 wounds when she arrived from the same shoot upon arrival strat. He also disembarked his second unit of Storm Guardians so they could charge in on the Sanguinary Guard with the Autarch. His psychic phase was a total failure. He failed Jinx on the Sanguinary Guard, re-rolled using a CP and failed again. Then he failed Doom on them, and re-rolled using the Farseer ability and failed anyway. Finally to add insult to injury, he failed Fortune on one of his Wave Serpents.

In shooting he pulled 5-6 of the Sanguinary Guard and the Callidus. He then charged in with this wailing Autarch who befuddled the Sanguinary Guard, killing another 3-4 and leaving only 1. His Storm Guardians were chumps and left the Autarch to do all the heavy lifting alone. Unfortunately at the end there was a lone sanguinary guard with 1 wound still standing, and even worse standing within 6″ of the Sanguinor so the lone hero ignored the loss of his fallen brothers and lived to plot revenge. Round 2 ended with a 3-3, myself holding more objectives but my opponent having slain more, his shooting from flyers having finished off some of my wounded Scout squads.

callidus assassin 1

Turn 3

My turn 3 I moved my Librarians towards the Razorwing with only 2-3 wounds remaining which had moved toward one corner of the table to give him Recon while still in LoS of my units. My Smash Captain which had moved toward the center of the table reversed course and chased his mostly undamaged Razorwing, which had moved toward my objective/ruin and savaged some of my Infiltrators. Finally, my main Characters the indomitable Sanguinor, the unkillable Sanguinor Ancient (who I named Seth after a good buddy of mine (yes name drop)), the nasty Chaplain, and surprisingly useful Sanguinary Priest moved up to deal with the meany Autarch, cowering Storm Guardians, and a Wave Serpent which was lamenting its movement choices.

I used the Sanguinary Priest correctly this round, actually healing the wounds the Sanguinor had taken in Sean’s turn one. I can’t tell you how clutch it is to have him hanging around. The dual purpose of +1 Str and being able to heal/bring back models is insanely good. During psychic phase my Librarians were inept and failed to take the Razorwing with only 2-3 wounds down, taking it down to 1 wound remaining. In shooting my Captain, Infiltrators, and 2 units of Scouts I’d deployed on my objective put 4 wounds on the Razorwing in my deployment zone. My characters knocked out 3-4 Storm Guardians near the Autarch. I then charged in. My Smash Captain (which is named Dave after another good buddy) with the relic jump pack gazed thirstily upon the Razorwing that was his just rewards for patience, he succeeded on his 5-6″ charge and gobbled the miserable plane up. My Sanguinor using a small ruin to his advantage charged the meany Autarch laying down righteous justice on the cruel space elf for his mangling of my Sanguinary Guard (poor Sean rolled absolutely terrible on his saves make 1 out of 6).

Note that in combat with the other characters nearby the Sanguinor has 6 attacks, hitting on 2’s re-rolling 1s, wounding anything less than T7 on 2’s re-rolling 1’s. His sword is Str +2 (another +1 for the Sanguinary Priest) ap -4 with D3 damage. This netted me max Kingslayer because the Autarch on bike has 6 wounds and was Sean’s warlord. My champion of a Chaplain Fisted the unhappy Wave Serpent for a whopping 10 damage, finishing it off from previous light damage due to shooting. He has 3 attacks regularly but receiving an extra from the Sanguinor. He hits on 2’s re-rolling (3’s obviously with the fist) and wounds on 2’s (again Str 10 from the priest), re-rolling 1’s to wound for the ancient. I then rolled hot on the damage. Finally the secret sauce which is the Sanguinary Priest chopped down 5 of the remaining 6 Storm Guardians with his double chainsword combo. He has a ridiculous 6 attacks with this combo (3 base, +1 from the Sanguinor, and +2 more for 2 chainswords) hitting on 2’s re-rolling, wounding on 2’s re-rolling against anything T4 or less. The last storm guardian decided the better part of valor was life and took off.

Sean also was seeing the writing on the wall, but wanted to see what his remaining forces could do for him on his turn 3. He moved his 2 remaining flyers closer to Smash Captain Dave, trying to knock him out so that they could fly about causing grief on my side of the table uninterrupted by my character cadre on his side of the board. He moved up his psykers and remaining Serpent to try and put the hurt on my characters. His final unit of Storm Guardians made an appearance in support. His physic phase was again mediocre at best. He failed Jinx for a 3rd time in a row (I told him he seriously needed to consider hitting some of his dice with a hammer), doomed the Chaplain, which was closest to his forces and Smited him down to 1 wound remaining. His shooting I believe finished the Chaplain off, but didn’t deal any damage to the other 3 characters. The lamentable nail in the coffin was his two remaining flyers failure to kill my Smash Captain. They put 4 wounds on Dave, but he flicked his tongue rapturously at them in anticipation of the meal to come in the form of Sean’s last Crimson Hunter.

Sean was totally demoralized by this point and I can’t blame him. He had needed his physic phase to not desert him entirely. Form that point the game was over and I ended up scoring 33pts. Post game analysis for me is that I needed to pay better attention to my CP dice (maybe a different color from wound dice, derp), and knowing that I would go first I should have deployed another unit of Scouts or maybe my Infiltrators near the center of the table, so I’d have had better screens. I got lucky that Sean was afraid of my characters enough not to move in close and try to knock them out on his turn one. I also lucked out on him keeping his flyers together on his turn one so my Sanguinary Guard could really come in for maximum effect.

The Callidus was a clutch decision on my part because it forced Sean to make decisions he didn’t want to with his CP. I do wish she’d actually made the charge and killed the warlock, but I’m not going to complain. Most crucial roll of the game was definitely making the 9″ charge on the flyers with my Sanguinary Guard. I had no re-roll (again because I’d mistakenly switched my CP for the Sanguinor’s wounds) and that could have and probably would have turned the game, if I’d failed that charge.

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9 Responses to “Pure Blood Angels go 5-0 Game 2”

  1. Reecius July 3, 2019 6:07 pm #

    I was very impressed with this victory as Sean’s list is one of the meanest in the meta at present.

    • abusepuppy July 4, 2019 4:46 am #

      Everyone looooooooooooooooooves to bitch about it, despite it hardly winning any tournaments.

      • Reecius July 4, 2019 7:18 am #

        I wasn’t really bitching about it (although stacking negatives to hit does suck, lol) just saying that your list archetype is very strong.

  2. KingCro July 4, 2019 12:13 am #

    This articles are awesome! I love reading about “underdog” lists and codexes doing well. This is is the kind of stuff I love to see on FLG. Keep it up and cant wait for the next!

    • Elwrath July 4, 2019 1:47 am #

      Thanks buddy!

  3. Tom Danvers July 4, 2019 4:24 am #

    Amazing work dude! Thanks for writing up these reports, really interesting for a BA player like me.

    • Elwrath July 4, 2019 9:58 pm #

      np, more to come.

  4. Akaiyou July 4, 2019 5:54 am #

    This article was great. Love stuff like this, would like to see more speesh marines “pure” lists articles of stuff that works in practice not just theory.

    This has inspired me to try a similar pure blood angels with changes to accomodate the models i actually own. I have currently been experiencing incredibly consistent success running “pure” Ynnari (yes new Ynnari) I have at least a dozen games played by now (stopped keeping count) and most of them are wins except for like 1 draw and 2 losses.

    I play tested all sorts of stuff inspired initially by an article posted here not too long ago and then finding another amazing article on goonhammer. Could probably write an entire article myself on how deceptively good new Ynnari is by now.

    One thing insteresting about my Ynnari losses is that I only did poorly in games where I tried (and boy did I keep trying) to use Wraithknights (yes I tried single Wraithknight and double Wraithknights) someone please tell Geedubz to drop the points on these guys it doens’t make any sense in comparison to knight Gallant. Anyway Blood Angels here i come!!!!! soooo looking forward to the idea for pure BA i got in mind based on this. Thanks

    • Elwrath July 4, 2019 10:02 pm #

      Glad I could inspire you! It was a great weekend, and the congratulations and support have been huge!

      Good to hear about your new Ynnari success! I’ve been really interested in playing them now that they’re really their own faction.

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