In the Finest Hour Episode 30: List Archetype- Ork Horde

When it comes to horde armies, you’re hard-pressed to find one more powerful and influential on the meta these days than Orks.

Armed with a plethora of special rules from their many powerful characters (not to mention the many built-in abilities they have), Orks are a threat in all phases of the game and their aggressive pricing along with their excellent stratagems can be a danger to virtually any army in virtually any format.

They are not, however, unbeatable, and this week we take a look at the many factors that make them so strong and how they are likely to be used in a “typical” Ork army as well as what you can do to mitigate them. From baiting stratagems to managing morale to engaging in combat, there are a large number of tricks you can use to make the fight a lot easier; we also talk about the importance of their characters, high-priority secondaries in ITC, and the proper time to call a Waagh at a tournament.

Music: Dankmus
Art: Rylan Woodrow
Our Patreon: In the Finest Hour
Directed by: Sean Morgan
Edited by: Shaylynn Allen


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2 Responses to “In the Finest Hour Episode 30: List Archetype- Ork Horde”

  1. steven pampreen July 1, 2019 11:46 am #

    I don’t listen often but here is my live reactions or slight corrections

    -You didn’t start with ORKS ARE THE BEST

    -Mob rule faq says that it’s optional, you can use number of models of your unit or the number of models in a friendly unit. So you can’t use the leadership of another unit, only number of models. So yeah, dearth is right, you can be leadership 1.
    (sounds like you looked this up mid episode but yeah dearth was right)

    -more dakka makes the dakka rule trigger on 5s and 6s not every time they hit.

    -Fist of gork adds 2 strength and attack, not just 1 attack.

    -Deathskull doesn’t give obsec to bikers

    -weirdboy doesn’t include gretchen for bonus.

    lmao, army with 50.01% win percentage and 4 gt or major wins in two weeks isn’t a high skill army. says the guy running 8 fliers 😛

    -orks are possibly the shootiest army in the game, we love hammer and anvil. lootas and SAG mek outshoot broadside spam tau.

    -I don’t know the last time I had a warboss survive a combat for second round unless it was going REALLY good for me.

    -I’m still confused how you think orks don’t give up kill more. usually it’s mek guns or grot units everywhere.

    -Another comment, y’all are focusing on green tide a crazy amount. I used green tide like once between lvo and adepticon? It’s really not that great compared to another round of shooting twice with sag mek and loota or something.

    -assault is the biggest issue for orks. we’re a shooty army.

    Solid talk


    • abusepuppy July 1, 2019 2:32 pm #

      Orks aren’t the best because they aren’t Eldar, obviously. That’s a classical logic fallacy right there.

      Orks hit on 5s (barring Freebootas, which is a completely different army than the one we’re talking about here), so the distinction between “triggers on a hit” and “triggers on a 5” is irrelevant.

      I don’t even own eight flyers, bruh. You got the wrong dude. 😛 Also, although we don’t talk about it here because it’s a very complicated army, but what “high skill army” means is completely different to different people and covers a wide range of ideas. Does that mean the minimum skill needed for the army to be effective? The upper limit to which it rewards skills? The amount of influence skill has on the army’s performance (as compared to luck, matchups, terrain, etc)? Something else? The confusion of terms- and also the chauvinism that naturally accompanies it with “obv MY army is a high-skill army but everyone else’s is just point-and-click”- is a big part of why I generally avoid using those terms.

      Not all Ork players run Mek Guns in significant numbers or even at all; and while, yes, Gretchin do die pretty easily, usually the guns that would be killing them need to focus on the 120+ Orks that are in the opponent’s face. Getting Kill More on turns 1/2 and then being tabled because you didn’t actually hurt the main body of the army is rather counterproductive. That doesn’t mean it will _never_ happen, but it’s often not easy to do.

      I can’t speak to how you do/don’t use Green Tide, but for most players who deal with Orks, it’s a major problem- it’s essentially like gaining 100-200 “free” points of models late in the game and in a very powerful board position.

      I’m honestly surprised you rate Lootas at all now; virtually everyone I’ve seen on the west coast has dropped them from their lists, because they are simply too unreliable after the FAQ changes and consume a lot of CP that can be more usefully fed into other strats (e.g. firing/shooting twice, More Dakka, etc.)

      Generally speaking, I would say that Orks are superior to most armies in assault, although obviously that’s not always the case; their basic statline means that they will beat up a majority of things reasonably well. They certainly can be built for shooting, but even a shooting-focused Ork army has a lot of melee potential that it can’t help but have.

      Counterpoint: not waaagh.

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