Amazing 40k Short: Astartes – Part Four

So good. Soooo good! These Astartes YouTube videos are amazing, they capture the feel of the 40k universe perfectly as well as being incredibly well animated.

Part Four of Astartes, a Warhammer 40,000 fan film project.

Apologies for the wait on this one.

And here are the others, for your convenience!

Really hoped to complete it sooner, but here it is! Hope you enjoy!

If anyone would like to support me in this project please consider the links below. I work as a contract 3d artist so any donation means less time working for others and more time on Astartes!


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9 Responses to “Amazing 40k Short: Astartes – Part Four”

  1. Avatar
    Dakkath June 12, 2019 6:07 pm #

    THIS is how space marines should be portrayed.

  2. Avatar
    Pyrothem June 12, 2019 7:10 pm #

    The Quality and Love that has gone into this is astounding. It is bolter porn in its rightful place.

    Wish it showed that they are not as unkillable as they are tho. Two Warp infused giants (compared to humans) focusing on one Space Marine only managed to crack a lens… I watched over a few times thinking it was eye damage but the sounds and the glowing red lights means it was only a little damage to the helmet. Don’t get me wrong in the fluff they can take whole planets with ease but with entertainment like this there should be some stakes.

    If someone has no idea what 40k is this is the first thing I will show them… this and the Dawn of War 1 intro. :p

    • Reecius
      Reecius June 12, 2019 7:17 pm #

      Yeah, it just feels right in the small details. The way the cultists set up their defense, the way the air support go in to cover the Marines, the relentless and fearless advance of the marines themselves, etc. It’s just spot on.

      • Avatar
        Pyrothem June 12, 2019 8:47 pm #

        And Bolters acting like bolters, the switch to full auto in this new video! The slight head nods and the seamless changes of tactical direction letting us know that the vox coms are in use.

        • Reecius
          Reecius June 13, 2019 7:03 am #

          Exactly. It’s all subtle but perfect.

    • Avatar
      Orar June 13, 2019 3:57 pm #

      I’m pretty sure two marines die at :44 seconds after one of the psykers charges up an attack.

  3. Avatar
    Shaso June 12, 2019 9:36 pm #

    Sadly, these films are way too short.
    This has to be a fulltime movie !

    • Reecius
      Reecius June 13, 2019 7:03 am #

      Support his Patreon! That way he has a reason to keep chugging along.

  4. Avatar
    WestRider June 13, 2019 11:46 am #

    Damn, that was intense. I can’t think of a feature length movie in years that’s managed to get the tension cranked up like that did in just a couple of minutes.

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