This Week in the ITC: 5-23-19 The BAO is Here

Hello, fellow Warhammer 40k fans! SaltyJohn from TFG Radio, and one of the Las Vegas Open Head Judges, here to bring you another article reviewing the ITC Standings for the 2019 season with the new scoring method in place.

This week I am doing a real quick look at the top 10 in the ITC overall and the Hobby Track. I’ve been preoccupied this week getting ready for the Bay Area Open, making sure everything at work and home are settled so I can head out this afternoon with a few #REKT teammates for KublaCon and the 2019 Bay Area Open! I know I am not in the BCP list of players yet. I only just got all my ducks in a row to actually make it, I do have a ticket though, and a ride, and a room to stay in. So that’s all set! I love playing in the Bay Area Open, I have gone to all but 2 of them since the BAO began and it’s always been an amazing event. From it’s humble beginnings in a somewhat run down Fair Grounds hall in Antioch toparking garage ball room years through Game Kastle and now KublaCon Frontline Gaming has always put on a great event with this one. I am looking forward to the BAO being my first tournament this season! I can’t wait.

Ok here are the top 1o in the ITC Overall and in the Hobby Track.

As those of you who read my articles on a weekly basis can see there isn’t much to discuss in terms of changes to the top. Matthew Allee, Andrew Ford, and Devin Swann are newer additions to the top 10 and they will be interesting to watch going forward. I already made some predictions on which players I think will go well at BAO, you can read that here. So let’s round out this shorter article with my predictions for which factions will do well this weekend. Now, I don’t really like doing it this way because I prefer to back the player not the list, but I am going to take a stab at this one. I am going to list my choices from best to worst pick in terms of the Primary, meaning majority of the points in the list, for faction.

Look. Before you jump down my throat in the comments about my choices, read the other article. I did say I much prefer to pick a player to back than the army! Hopefully I will see some of you at the Bay Area Open this weekend, and if not follow me on the SaltyJohn and TFG Radio Facebook Pages. I will try to do updates on my weekend.

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John has been playing Warhammer 40k since the 3rd edition box set with Space Marines, Dark Eldar, and weird green palm trees were in the set. He is currently a 40k Head Judge for the Las Vegas Open, the largest 40k tournament in the world. An avid board gamer, a huge fan of video games, and a guest spot on Geek and Sundry as a "Historian" during an episode of "Game the Game" round out his geek credentials. You can catch "Salty" John on TFG Radio's Twitch Show, and Podcast, as well as find him streaming video games on Twitch on the TFG Radio Twitch page from time to time.

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