Warhammer Fest UK Updates (Sunday Updates Added)

Click through for some of the awesome highlights from the action at Warhammer Fest UK!

You can see all of the cool updates over at the Warhammer-community page, here. There’s all kinds of CosPlay, LotR, and other cool info as well as pics from the event. Here’s some of the highlight real!

Day 2 – Sunday, May 12th

[4.00PM BST] The Future of Golden Demon

If you’ve ever dreamed of entering the Golden Demon, or hefting the Slayer Sword yourself, we’ve got some exciting news.

If you’re reading this in America, you’ll know it’s been a very long time since the Golden Demon crossed the Atlantic. Well, it’s coming back! Look out for the triumphant return of Golden Demon USA at AdeptiCon 2020. This is the first independent event to host the competition – AdeptiCon has become a pivotal event in the Warhammer calendar and we’re delighted to be working with them to bring the Golden Demon back to the United States.

If you’re attending AdeptiCon, you’ll be able to check out some of the world’s most inspiring models and have a chance to claim a Golden Demon of your own.

However, even if you didn’t make it to Warhammer Fest and won’t be able to attend AdeptiCon, you’ll still have a chance to show off your skills…

Everchosen is coming – our first-ever global painting competition. We’ll have more details for you very soon, but now would be a great time to brush up on your painting!

[3:45PM BST] Slayer Sword and Painting

It’s been an incredible weekend for painters of all stripes, with loads of people getting stuck in with the new Contrast paints and some astounding Golden Demon entries. One, however, went above and beyond. It’s time to crown Warhammer Fest 2019’s Slayer Sword Winner!

What a stunning model. Maxime Penaud has really knocked it out of the park with this Dankhold Troggoth, and it looks like there’s even morenews coming, so come back soon to hear the latest.

[3:00PM BST] Preview 6: The Horus Heresy Book 9

We told you there was more on the way for The Horus Heresy! Book 9 of the renowned campaign series draws closer, and with it, some incredible new Dark Angels models that allow you to show off the baroque Calibanite stylings of these stern and knightly warriors on the tabletop.

In Book 9, the Dark Angels will be battling against the Night Lords and their Dark Mechanicum allies. Fittingly, we’ve seen some awesome new Mechanicum Knights based on the Armiger chassis and featuring all manner of strange weapons…

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[2:00PM BST] Video Games, Cards and More!

We’ve just been checking out the stands in the main hall, and getting stuck in with the latest Warhammer video games, accessories, apparel and more.

First up, we’ve got Chaosbane – a thrilling hack and slash set in the dark depths of the Old World. Fans have had their first demo, battling through the sewers of Nuln against the corrupting forces of Nurgle…

Our friends at PlayFusion, meanwhile, have been showing off the latest expansion for Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions! Veterans have had the chance to prove their skills in the championship, while newcomers to the game have been able to learn the ropes with demos throughout the weekend.

Chaos & Conquest will allow you to indulge your inner Chaos overlord on the go. Available later this year for Android and iOS, you’ll be able to build mighty empires, rally troops and conquer your foes – or friends, if you’re giving PVP a go!

Bandai are on hand showing off the awesome new Primaris Space Marine action figure. Fans have been crowding round to get their first look at this articulated, 7-inch-tall figure and also the set of smaller Warhammer 40,000 SD collectables. If you’d like more info, check out our announcement from last week.

Cubicle 7, the award-winning team behind Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, brought the new starter set along and also some of their impressive new Reikland maps. As well as running demo games across the weekend, they also hosted a seminar today, talking all about the game.

The most stylish Warhammer fans can be found at the Wild Bangarang stall! Launching 25 new designs at Warhammer Fest, attendees have been picking up clothing including leggings, jerseys and sweatpants.

Attendees at Warhammer Fest have had the chance to play through the upcoming expansion for smash-hit Vermintide. You’ve smashed through the Skaven, you’ve annihilated the followers of Nurgle – but how will you fare against the Beastmen?

Warhammer Art are also in attendance, giving people the opportunity to get their hands on some awesome artwork from the worlds of Warhammer. They produce stunning pieces in loads of formats that are perfect for any gallery or gaming room wall!

Lastly, we’ve had a very early look at Warhammer Underworlds: Online with the first-ever playable demo! Even at this early stage, the game looks great, bringing all the thrills of the ultimate competitive miniatures game to your PC in gorgeous detail.

It’s amazing to see Shadespire itself in such detail, the ruined streets and twisted labyrinths of the cursed city brought to life on screen.

We’ll be back in a bit with more updates, so check back shortly for highlights from the Horus Heresy Preview.

[1:00PM BST] Golden Demon Update

Competition is fiercer than ever in this year’s Golden Demon! There are some truly amazing entries in all of the categories, and everyone has been making sure that they take the opportunity to check them out. Have a look at some of the goings-on and we’ll be back later to share the Slayer Sword winner with you…

[12:00PM BST] Black Library Author Signings

Warhammer Fest is always a great place to catch up with a selection of Black Library authors to get your books signed and have a quick chat. Yesterday, we had Guy Haley and Warhammer Community’s own Graeme Lyon (in his capacity as a Black Library author) manning the signing stand. Guy was also involved in the Black Library seminar about his novel from The Horus Heresy: Primarchs – Konrad Curze: the Night Haunter.

Today’s guest authors are Gav ThorpeDavid Guymer and Neil Roberts, who took part in the Tales from the Mortal Realms Black Library Seminar earlier today.

They still have a busy day ahead of them, as the guys will be involved in the Creating Audio Dramas seminar in an hour’s time, and will all be at the signing stand later today (2:00PM BST, to be precise). Be sure to pop over then and get your favourite book, or your Warhammer Fest programme, signed!

If you weren’t able to make it along this weekend, there’s another fantastic opportunity to meet and greet your favourite authors coming soon – Black Library Live takes place on Saturday 1st June at Warhammer World, and tickets are on sale now!

We’ll be back later with some news on the licensed video games – our partners have been showcasing their latest and upcoming releases in the main hall.

[11:00AM BST] Illustrations on the Go!

Up in the Warhammer Studio area, our team of artists and illustrators have been busy talking to excited hobbyists about how they go about creating the incredible imagery for all our books and games. Not just that, but many of them have been sketching and doodling while they chat – talk about multitasking! Of course, by ‘sketching and doodling’, we mean that they’ve been improvising some astonishing bits of art!

For those of you who tuned into Warhammer Live last Friday, you’ll have seen the show featuring Warhammer 40,000 illustrator Phil Moss, in which he inked an awesome Skitarii Ranger during his conversation with Wade. (If you missed it, subscribers can watch it back any time.) Well, over the course of yesterday, he added colour to it, and we think you’ll agree that the finished piece looks even more amazing!

Make sure you’re back at midday, when we’ll be checking in with some of the Black Library authors who will be manning the signing booth today.

[10:00AM BST] Day 2 Kicks Off!

And we’re back for another day of reveals, sneak peeks and awesomeness! Today, we’re going to be hearing from some of our friends about the latest Warhammer video games, checking in with our guests from Black Library and, of course, choosing this year’s Slayer Sword winner! Glad to have you back with us, and be sure to check back throughout the day for more updates.


Is looking pretty cool! I was very much on fence about this game but the more info that comes out the cooler it looks. Everyone was saying Kill Team AOS but it is starting to feel more like that mixed with Necromunda in AoS, with themed warbands of colorful characters.


The new warband are the Splintered Fangs, from the realm of life. The others we’ve seen so far, the Iron Golems and Untamed Beasts hail from the realms of metal and beasts respectively.



They also previewed a new Shadespire model as well! Looks like an elf faction to me, what do you all think?

They also showed off the Halfling Blood Bowl team and these guys are hilarious!

And, some new Wood Elf players, too!

Firstly, a reminder of what’s out soon! You won’t have long to wait until the latest Delaque gang upgrades are out…

Collecting and playing Necromunda is loads of fun, not least because of the rich and varied cast of characters who can join your gang – the various Hangers-on and Hired Guns that help bring the world of the underhive to life. Soon, you’ll be able to add a bespoke Dome Runner and Ammo-jack to your roster.


Of course, if you’re a House Cawdor player, you’re not concerned with vanities and trifles like “scouting” and “a vague semblance of weapon maintenance”. You’re here to PURGE THE UNBELIEVERS – and you’re in luck!

Known as The Headsman, this deadly executioner will be available to your gang soon. We would have more to show you from Necromunda, but unfortunately we had an unexpected disruption…

We can’t wait to see what’s behind that door.

Meanwhile, we’ve also had a look at new content for Adeptus Titanicus! Arming your Reaver Titans and Knights is about to get even easier with new upgrade sets…

There are also an assortment of other accessories to go with the Titans.

A huge range of scenery kits including silos, turbines and barricades will allow you to add more tactical and thematic depth to your battlefields.

The last thing we heard in the preview seminar was a cryptic hint to look to the skies…

Chocks away! Aeronautica Imperialis is BACK.

[01:00PM BST]: Preview 2: The Horus Heresy – Malevolence

We’re fresh out of the Malevolence preview seminar – and we’ve had a better look at some upcoming releases for The Horus Heresy, as well as the chance to get some insights into the book from the writers themselves.

The above models will be available from Forge World over the next few months, so keep an eye out! What’s more, they’re just the first wave of loads of awesome new stuff for Horus Heresy fans. After the seminar, we’ve had the chance to see some cracking new models in the wild for the first time.

Who knew White Scars looked so good in black! It’s not just the sons of the Khan who’ll be getting reinforcement – Blood Angels fans can look forward to Chapter Master Raldoron, one of their Legion’s most iconic champions, being brought to life in miniature form.

Looking further ahead to the future, Horus Heresy fans can expect to see a host of kits that bring the specialised tactics and distinctive units of the White Scars and Blood Angels to the tabletop – like these Golden Keshig jetbikes, and the Kyzagan Assault Speeder.

Blood Angels players, meanwhile, can look forward to harnessing the power of the Contemptor-Incaendius Class Dreadnought, armed with a single-use booster that lets it leap right into the heart of battle.

It’s not just the Adeptus Astartes that’ll be getting armoured reinforcement – the Legio Custodes will be dominating the skies with Ares Gunship…

Don’t worry, traitors – we haven’t forgotten about you! The Malevolence seminar saw the reveal of some of the first-ever Daemons of the Ruinstorm. Representing Chaos in its wildest, most untamed form, these Brutes will be a fitting addition to any (dis)loyal servant of the Warmaster’s dread legions…

Pretty awesome, right? Well that’s not even all the Horus Heresy models we’ll be revealing this weekend. Stay tuned…

[12:00PM BST] Preview 1: Warhammer 40,000

We’ve got so much to reveal this weekend that we’re running a Warhammer Preview for each of our core settings – kicking off with Warhammer 40,000.

Battle in the 41st Millennium is about to get even bigger

The new Apocalypse brings grand strategy to your tabletop with an all-new gaming system designed to simulate the 41st Millennium’s most colossal conflicts. Detachments move in unison to perform devastating assaults, and as a Warmaster commanding an apocalyptic army, you’ll be making decisions that affect the lives of hundreds of your miniatures at a time.

Downtime between your actions is minimal, meaning even the most massive games stay engaging. Damage is resolved at the end of the turn – so if you’ve been waiting for weeks to use that Reaver Titan, your enemy won’t get to shoot it off the table before it has a chance to retaliate! It’s brutal, it’s strategic, and it’s got some of the most intense, concentrated carnage ever seen in a tabletop wargame.



The Apocalypse boxed set is your gateway to a world of bigger battles. The 120-page Field Manual contains the full rules to the system alongside tips for organising your games and building your collection, while 6 sheets of punch-out tokens make keeping track of the battlefield at a glance simple. 300 Command Asset cards give you a huge range of tactical choices and include bespoke options for many Warhammer 40,000 Factions, from cunning manoeuvres to the return of the infamous vortex grenade.

Getting involved with Apocalypse will be simple. All the rules you need to play the game are in the box, and the rules for your army will be available to download free at launch. Apocalypse has been designed to be highly scalable and to work with your existing collection, so if you already have a Warhammer 40,000 army, you have an Apocalypse Detachment ready to go – just team up with some friends, and you’ve got yourself a game!

To celebrate the launch of the new edition of Apocalypse, we’re inviting you to be a part of wargaming history. Later this year, at Warhammer World, you’ll have the chance to help us break the record for the largest Warhammer game in history – stay tuned for more details on how you can get involved soon.

Apocalypse is as good an excuse as any to add some heavy armour to your army. Indeed, the Primaris Space Marines will be breaking out the big guns for this one – we mean really, really big.

And you thought the Repulsor was well armed! The Repulsor Executioner is a massive front-line battle tank that marries maneuverability, flexibility and some of the heaviest firepower in the 41st Millennium. Capable of shredding infantry and armour alike with contemptuous ease, if you’re looking to scrap your opponents’ heaviest units, this is the vehicle for you!

You’ll be able to choose just which form of destruction your Repulsor Executioner is armed with, with a pair of Belisarius Cawl’s latest and deadliest inventions on offer. Want to turn Terminators into bubbling goo? The macro plasma incinerator is the place to start. Want to blast Daemon Engines back to the stygian pits from whence they came? We heartily recommend the heavy laser destroyer – the lascannon’s bigger, meaner cousin. And, just in case anyone survives, the Repulsor Executioner has a modest transport capacity, allowing you to disgorge a squad of Primaris Space Marines to finish off anyone with the audacity to stay standing.

It’s not just the Adeptus Astartes getting new vehicles, either…

That’s right – as some of you cunningly worked out from our earlier preview, the Adeptus Mechanicus are finally getting a dedicated transport in glorious multipart plastic! Goodbye wheels, hello barely understood, deadly technology from the Age of Darkness. The Skorpius Dunerider opens up the option for a new type of Adeptus Mechanicus army – a force of mobile infantry, whether bringing the brutal short-range firepower of the Skitarii to bear with deadly efficiency or dropping fully charged Electro-Priests right in the middle of your foe’s army.

And that’s not all! If you’d rather clinically disintegrate your foes at range, this kit will also build you a Skorpius Disintegrator, a fast-moving battle tank armed with your choice of deadly tech. You asked for an Adeptus Mechanicus tank – now, you’re getting two!

It’s not just the Tech-Priests of the Imperium who’ve been busy…

The Imperial Knight is an immediately iconic design, and it can’t be improved upon – but you can add spikes.

This kit is all-new, and packed with grisly details that make it instantly recognisable as a dark mirror of its loyalist kin – all while maintaining great posability and plenty of options for customisation. You’ll be able to build either a brutal Knight Rampager or the dominating Knight Despoiler, with a range of armour plates, faces, spikes and horns for making your Chaos Knight your own.

Accompanying the new Chaos Knight will be a fully fledged codex that lets you unleash the true might of the Questor Traitoris on the battlefield. All the Knight patterns from Index: Renegade Knights will still be usable, only now you’ll be able to combine them with Stratagems, Warlord Traits, Relics and, of course, Knight Rampagers and Knight Despoilers. New lore, meanwhile, will allow you to explore the shadowy history of the Chaos Knights – as much veterans of the Long War as their Heretic Astartes kin, with thousands of years of history behind them that sheds a new light on the dark powers of Chaos.

Have faith, though – aid is coming for the loyal servants of the Emperor. Last year at Warhammer Fest, we gave you an early look at the new generation of Sisters of Battle with a peek at the first of the new wave of Adepta Sororitas.

Now, one year later, we’re closer to the release of the most asked-for army in Warhammer’s history – and we can unveil just what this magnificent Battle Sister looks like painted…

You’ll be able to get this model for yourself in a special advance release ahead of the rest of the Sisters of Battle. Stay tuned for news on how you can get yours…

And remember, Frontline Gaming sells gaming products at a discount, every day in their webcart!



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  1. Alex May 11, 2019 10:44 am #

    I’m assuming you’re preparing an entire article for the SUPER intriguing Citadel Contrast line of paints. It really is quite interesting some of the models people are posting on twitter from their demo display

  2. NinetyNineNo May 11, 2019 11:04 am #

    I’m starting to wonder if GW thinks Marine players are like babies with no object permanence and will feel abandoned cry if not given attention regularly while Xenos players are like Fry’s dog in that one episode of Futurama and will just loyally wait until they die of old age.

    • abusepuppy May 12, 2019 8:07 am #

      Are you expecting a lot of xenos releases for Horus Heresy?

      • NinetyNineNo May 13, 2019 1:03 am #

        Was thinking more of the new Primaris tank. “Hey, so the Repulsor isn’t flying off the shelves. You know what the problem must be? It doesn’t have ENOUGH guns!”

        One Knight codex was one too many for my taste too, but I’m at least happy that AdMech finally got their long-awaited transport and it looks rad, pun intended.

    • Zweischneid May 12, 2019 8:57 pm #

      The idea that customers can dictate GW’s (or any companies) releases is pretty laughable.

      Oh look, Starbuck’s coffee drinkers are babies and their tea-customers are noble, persistent and intellectually superior specimen, cause I drink tea and that makes me feel better about myself 🙂

      • abusepuppy May 12, 2019 10:45 pm #

        I mean, the opposite assertion- that companies can create any product they want and consumers should be required to buy it, regardless of whether they like the item or not- is just as absurd.

        • Zweischneid May 13, 2019 2:24 am #

          Sure. But at some point, companies need to deliver to demand.

          Starbucks cannot provide equal amount of product for coffee and tea drinkers, just because tea drinkers demand some weird from of product equity.

          GW, for years, decades even, ran an exactly 50/50 release schedule for Warhammer 40K and (old) Warhammer Fantasy. One month 40K, one month the other. Etc… It never resulted in parity of the games or equal sales.

          If there’re 9 Marine players for every Xenos player (exaggerating the numbers, obviously), 9 out of 10 releases should be Marines at some point. It’d be just as “unfair” (and economically suicidal) to treat the 10% Xenos players with 50% of the releases.

          And no, releasing more Xenos stuff wouldn’t change the percentages in the demand/customer base (see Warhammer Fantasy above).

          • abusepuppy May 13, 2019 8:07 am

            I mean, to play devil’s advocate here, giving Necrons and Dark Eldar functional codices and model updates _did_ massively increase their sales (and their percentages of the player base.) I don’t think anyone believes that, say, Eldar are going to become the #1 bestseller, but it’s not unreasonable to think that they will see gains if they get new kits.

            I would also say that GW is, in fact, to blame for some of these problems because they are the ones who decided to create multiple entirely-new factions while old factions languished unsupported. If you’re in a hole and won’t stop digging, you’ve got no right to complain about how deep it is.

          • NinetyNineNo May 13, 2019 1:09 pm

            “And no, releasing more Xenos stuff wouldn’t change the percentages in the demand/customer base (see Warhammer Fantasy above).”

            This is an unproven assertion, and belies the circular nature of the whole problem. I’ve heard so many times “I usually don’t care for Marines/Chaos Marines, but this new release looks really cool! I think I’m gonna get some”. New releases sell, and the notion that coming out with new stuff for Xenos instead of yet more Marines would be financial suicide is ridiculous. GSC flew off the shelves, and if the Ork buggies didn’t then that’s as much on the poor rules and them not being what most were asking for as anything else.

            But the cycle of “Marines sell -> Marines get new releases -> Marines sell” gets old after a while. I’m not asking for them not to get a peep until every last obscure Xenos faction has gotten a full line update, but goddamn, if you want nothing but Marines versus Marines there’s an entire game for that.

          • Anggul May 14, 2019 4:05 am

            I would say that logic just creates a self-fulfilling cycle.

            Marines are way more popular because marines get way more support and marketing, so they just grow even more popular.

          • Ishagu May 14, 2019 1:00 pm

            There’s no doubt that Marines will sell more than Xenos. They are the heroes of the setting and the main human faction. People tend to gravitate towards that. It’s why you don’t see many video games where you play as an alien killing humans.

            I think Eldar need a few releases for sure but as it stands the Eldar factions are perfectly playable. Astartes need attention too – specifically the Primaris line. They have their own keyword and limited interaction with the classic Astartes units. The Primaris NEED releases so they can even simply function as a complete force that can perform on the tabletop.

  3. Ishagu May 11, 2019 2:18 pm #

    The new Repulsor is a must buy. Cannot wait!

    The new AdMech tank and transport are fantastic. So campy, so retro-futuristic. They’ll look amazing next to my Kastelan Robots!

    • Reecius May 11, 2019 2:44 pm #

      Yeah, it looks really cool.

      Loving that new Chaos Knight kit, too!

  4. Spera May 12, 2019 1:01 pm #

    Those knights look perfect with those legs. It fits so well on this model that it started to look like coherent design. Not too big like on Lancer type, and not funny stump legs of imperial one. Just perfect.

  5. dantejrl May 12, 2019 1:21 pm #

    i have a question in mind :
    new chaos knight codex and for the new repulsor, new what ? codex SM V2.0? :-p

  6. Chris May 13, 2019 1:53 am #

    Interestingly they had the new chaos knights codex in a glass cabinet… on a glass shelf… which meant I could take a pic of the back from underneath…. I’d swear they have chaos armingers in there.

    Also, managed t have a play hands on with the new paint and listened to the presentation by the guys who developed it. Two primers (Grey-white and brown-white) give subtly different effects, they reckon it was inspired by water colour painting (start light, gradually add paint to darken) rather than oil painting (start dark and lighten). You can’t use water with the paint – you have to use medium to thin it, but they didn’t give us any so just tried the plain paint. Lots of pigment makes for some very strong colours, does seem to flow the way they describe – running off the edges and settling in the recesses. They reckon it needs to be applied on models rather than parts on a sprue so that gravity can help with the effect – apparently one guy had to build two chapters worth of identical space marines for the testing/development.
    Looks perfect for quickly painting minis with lots of surface area (space marines, Tyranid, flowing robes etc) Looks perfect for heads/faces, bare flesh etc. Not sure how well it will work for more intricate stuff as you have to really flood it on. Had a play trying to blend it and it sort of worked. Not much user for larger flat surfaces though (rhinos, knights etc) as it pools too much. They’ll be selling pots that match the spray primers so that you can go over mistakes and neaten them up. Apparently it dries very thin so they have a new varnish they suggest you use to protect the finished mini afterwards.

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