Australian Championship Warhammer Preview

GW is showing off a lot of new goodies at the Australian Championship!

Just this moment, a few lucky fans in Australia have had a glimpse of the future! No, we’ve not got confused about time zones – we’ve just closed the doors on our first-ever Warhammer Preview in the southern hemisphere! Judging by the reaction at the Australian Championship Final, it’s gone down pretty well, and looking at the reveals, it’s not hard to see why!

Honour Through Annihilation

Chances are that if you’re reading this, you’ve started a Chaos Space Marines army lately, or at the very least, been tempted to. And who can blame you? With new troops, a legend reborn and more to get your gauntlets on, things couldn’t get better for Chaos, right?


Get ready for carnage on a colossal scale. There will be more news about these heretical Knights real soon.

Like Chaos, but fancy something a bit more low-tech? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

Meet the Untamed Beasts – perhaps Warcry’s most savage warband (and believe us, they’ve got some stiff competition). Hailing from the Jagged Savannah in Ghur, these raiders have a distinctly old-school aesthetic that’s reminiscent of classic Marauders and barbarians of Warhammer’s past. If you’re looking for a warband that looks like it came straight from the pages of Slaves to Darkness, these are the guys for you!

Just as distinct as their Chamonite counterparts, the Iron Golems, the Untamed Beasts are nomadic warriors. They scorn those who indulge in fripperies like establishing permanent settlements or wearing forge-crafted armour, instead subsisting on hunting carnivorous beasts – or any unfortunates who’ve stumbled into their domain.

The Untamed Beasts have a really distinct and dynamic aesthetic that sets them apart from other Chaos models. Traditionally, the servants of the Dark Gods are trudging, resolute, ironclad creatures. Instead, each of these models is bursting with energy and dynamism. At first glance, you could well mistake the Untamed Beasts for hunting animals. Just as with the Iron Golems, the rich, dark world of Warcry has allowed our designers to shed light on new facets of Chaos, as well as giving us insight into life in the wilds of the Mortal Realms themselves.

Also, for fans of Warhammer critters like Gryph-hounds, vulcharcs and squigs, the Untamed Beasts are bringing us this awesome goat-lion thing. Maybe give petting him a miss though – unless you don’t mind losing a hand…

With all the cool Warhammer Age of Sigmar stuff out this year – new grots, loads of battletomes, new endless spells and the next chapter of the ongoing Soul Wars saga  – you’ll be needing somewhere appropriately epic to battle. Luckily, we’ve got just the thing. Meet the Dominion of Sigmar!

The Dominion of Sigmar is a new range of super-modular, customisable and interchangeable scenery for Warhammer Age of Sigmar that lets you transform your tabletop into a battlefield worthy of the Mortal Realms’ fiercest conflicts. Think Sector Mechanicus or Sector Imperialis, but aimed at recreating the high fantasy feel of Sigmar’s kingdoms.

Each Dominion of Sigmar set can be built as a scenery piece with its own warscroll, or can be mixed and matched with other sets to build anything you can imagine. Sprawling ruins, towering ziggurats, cavernous temple complexes – these kits are designed to make recreating the Mortal Realms at your home or gaming club easy.

They’re not just for show, either – these kits have been designed with gaming in mind. You’ll find them great for adding hills, choke-points and line-of-sight blockers to your boards, leading to deeper, more tactical battles where properly using scenery can be the difference between defeat and victory!

The Dominion of Sigmar scenery range will be available soon alongside Forbidden Power – the next chapter in the Soul Wars and the latest expansion to Warhammer Age of Sigmar!

We’ve looked at this expansion in previous seminars, but we’ve got even more to share with you today! First up, we’re excited to unveil the all-new mercenaries system. With Forbidden Power, you’ll be able to recruit renowned sell-swords to your cause regardless of Grand Alliance. So, for example, you could have a Chaos army and enlist some of the notoriously ur-gold hungry warriors of the Greyfyrd lodge…

We’re also able to unveil some awesome new art in the book, depicting the climax of a cataclysmic duel between Lady Olynder and the Celestant-Prime. Who will win? You’ll have to read it yourself to find out…

Follow the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Facebook page for more Forbidden Power news soon.

2019 has been a crazy year for Warhammer fans so far. We’ve seen a new Abaddon, a stunning Keeper of Secrets, and later this year, we can look forward to plastic Sisters of Battle – and we’ve got even more cool stuff coming…

Your prayers to the Omnissiah will be answered soon, Adept. Hey, speaking of the flesh being weak…

Iron Hands players. Let’s take a moment, just for you. (If you don’t collect Iron Hands, keep reading anyway – we promise you won’t be disappointed). Nearly every time we’ve held a Warhammer Preview, one of you guys has been brave enough to stand before the raging tides of hype and say: “Sure, this is cool, but what about an Iron Hands named character?”

This is the kind of dogged persistence that’d make Ferrus Manus himself proud – and we’re happy to announce that your valiant pleas have finally been met with an answer.

We think it’s safe to say the wait was worth it! This named Iron Father will be hitting shelves (and your opponents) later this year…

We’ve got even more previews on the way soon, with all sorts of awesome new stuff for you. Next weekend, at Warhammer Fest, we’ll be bringing you no fewer than five (yes, really!) reveal-filled seminars to get your teeth into! Tickets are still available, offering you the chance to check them out in person – but hurry, they’re selling fast…

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    Very very excited for admech transport. Likely a crab Walker variation – which would be just fine by me.

    And the Iron Father is an absolute boss.

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