In the Finest Hour Episode 19: Analyzing Missions Series #2, ETC

With Sean on vacation, it’s a struggle between Good and Evil as Josh and Shaylynn take over things for a week with a very special episode.

Ridvan (aka Skari of SkaredCast) is on with our special guest in the next installment of the Analyzing Missions series as he talks to us about the European Team Championship format at length. Skari was vice-captain of the Canadian ETC team in 2018 and has been a consistent attendee in previous years, doing his nation proud, and with some help from Josh (who has attended as a freelancer for various teams) the three of them dig into the ins and outs of what is so unique about ETC. Being a team format, there naturally are a lot of differences from the usual style of play- indeed, ETC has developed a meta all its own and one that canny teams have learned to exploit, whether by dictating positions on the team, knowing the terrain, playing to the unusual style of missions that are used for it, or simply by having prior experience with all of these things firsthand. If you’re curious about the ETC and what it means for the game as a whole, or are attending a similar event (like ATC or CTC) yourself, you’ll want to check this episode out!

Skari’s Stuff: SkaredCast

Episode Music: Dankmus
Icon Artist: Rylan Woodrow
Sponsored by: Mindtaker Miniatures
Our Patreon: In the Finest Hour
Directed by: Sean Morgan
Edited by: Shaylynn Allen



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