In the Finest Hour Episode 17: Tempo, Part 2

A subject too big to cover just once!

This week we revisit tempo and really dig into the subject further- what is tempo, and what does it represent in the game? How do you tell it apart from other gameplay mechanics? Why is it so important to winning? We pick apart the big and the small parts of it and break them down into digestible chunks. We talk about how tempo happens in each of the major phases of the game, starting with your own and proceeding to your opponent’s- plus, we talk about negative tempo, how to avoid it, and how to deny your opponent tempo.

Episode Music: Dankmus
Icon Artist: Rylan Woodrow
Sponsored by: Mindtaker Miniatures
Our Patreon: In the Finest Hour
Directed by: Sean Morgan
Edited by: Shaylynn Allen


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AbusePuppy is the one who has been ruining 40K for everyone this whole time. He is also searching for the six-fingered man and is one of the three people who know the secret recipe for coke (not the soda, the illegal drug.)

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