GW Grognard: Beware When Fighting Monsters(or Xenos)…

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As you well know, I am in a lot of different groups and chats. Many of these chats and groups focus on one army, or faction. These last few weeks, however, I’ve noticed something about one of these groups. This particular group has started to exhibit a trait that  I normally associate with another group whose army has a much different philosophy about the universe than the group I am talking about. The group of players I am talking about are Deathwatch players.


Games Workshop has been releasing a lot of exciting new stuff recently. Anyone who has been paying attention will notice that the new box set features some new Space Marine models to add to your collection. Along with these new models there are new rules, that at first glance seem really good. I can’t wait to add them to my growing Primaris army*. Games Workshop has even mentioned that you’ll be able to add these new models to your army if you play Blood Angels, Dark Angels, or Space Wolves. While all these releases have been shown to us, there has been a constant question being asked by a certain sector of the Imperial players. “Can Deathwatch use these units?**” In every post that Games Workshop makes about Shadowspear, the question has been asked by a number of , I assume, Deathwatch players. It is a constant question that was being asked. I say “was” because Games Workshop has finally given as answer. Although the question has been answered, I still get the feeling that whenever Games Workshop releases new Space Marine models, this question will come up. What this means is that Deathwatch players have become that which they hunt: Orks.

Seems Legit

Yes, I said Orks. For hose that don’t know, or may not remember, Orks could have looted vehicles. This started in the 3rd edition codex and the current version can be found in the 2018 Chapter Approved. What it did was it allowed the Ork player to get basically any vehicle it wanted to use in it’s army, with a few ork rules and modifications. I had a looted Leman Russ in my army, they used to be good back then. No, really. As a result, every time Games Workshop would release a new model, no matter the army it was for, Ork players would always ask “Can I loot it?” Even after looted vehicles were no longer an option for matched play, Ork players would still ask that question. Now with Deathwatch players always asking “Can Deathwatch use it?” every time there is a new Space Marine release, they are becoming more and more like those that they are tasked with hunting. Pretty soon they will start adding more green to their armor, painting their helmets blue, and having things work because they think it should. As they say, the path to Orkiness is paved with good intentions.


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secondhandhsop*After I go through my backlog of all the other armies I own

**No one asks about Grey Knights using things


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2 Responses to “GW Grognard: Beware When Fighting Monsters(or Xenos)…”

  1. WestRider March 9, 2019 2:01 am #

    “…the path to Orkiness is paved with good intentions.”

    Also violence. Lots of violence.

  2. Victor March 9, 2019 3:43 am #

    It is a reasonable question since deathwatch has a similar structure to the Space Marine codex (every Primaris marine before the new releases being available to deathwatch)

    And no deathwatch player wants to lose their top status simply because other chapters have the new cool marines and they dont.

    The one responsible for creating this “issue” is GW and not deathwatch players

    Note that i hate facing deathwatch anyway

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