This Week in the ITC: 2-7-19 The LVO is Here, Now What!?

Hello, fellow Warhammer 40k fans! SaltyJohn from TFG Radio, and one of the Las Vegas Open Head Judges, here to bring you a wrap up of this week in the ITC focusing on what you need to know for the LVO.

It is finally here. The Las Vegas Open officially begins today. Many of you are traveling as you read this, or getting ready to. With over 700 participants in the 40k Championships alone, I thought it would be a good idea to run through some basic advice for the Las Vegas Open, but also for tournaments in general. Before we dive into that, here are the final standings in the top 10 before the LVO begins.

It looks like all those last minute submissions from throughout the season, and the last minute GT/Majors are all into the ITC rankings now and it made quite the difference in the top 10! Oh… wait… it didn’t. Huh.

So the LVO is a huge event. No matter the game system you’re playing in at LVO a lot of these tips will be helpful to you.

  • Wear comfortable shoes. I know as a judge I will be walking a lot more than you are as a player, however, you will be on your feet a lot standing at the table and walking the hall. Do your feet, and back a favor.
  • Hydrate. Believe it or not, remaining properly hydrated is important to success at gaming. Drink water, drink it often.
  • Snack. Make sure to keep your energy up by eating a snack in between rounds.
  • Bring medication. You’re going to get a headache at some point. It’s almost guaranteed. Bring Excedrin and Advil.
  • Double check you have your rulebooks (hardback, epub, pdf, etc) print out your FAQs.
  • Double check your gaming gear:
    • Models
    • Measuring instruments
    • Dice (if you have dice with unique symbols bring some extra “ordinary” dice in case your opponent says he can’t tell what the symbols are)
    • Counters
    • Cards
    • Bag
    • Tray
    • Super Glue
    • Extra copies of your list
    • External power pack, wall charger, and power cord for your phone/tablet device(s)
  • Keep track of the time.
    • Plan to arrive early to start times. Pay attention to announcements.
    • Wear a watch.
  • Manage your expectations: Chances are you won’t be winning your event, but that’s ok! Go into the weekend with the goal of winning all your games, but manage the disappointment when that doesn’t happen. It’s ok, focus on having good games.
  • Read the relevant materials:

Come by the 40k Championship judges table to say hello! We will be wearing purple polos, with neon green LVO logos, and JUDGE on the back in giant letters. If you go to the table there’s a 99% chance you’ll find Adam there and a 99% chance I will be out on the floor doing his rounds and mine because he’s lazy. Daniel Ruiz will be around too if you want to pick his brain on all things Tyranids and World Eaters. If none of that appeals to you come by and say hello none the less, maybe you can earn yourself a Yellow Card if you interrupt old man Adam’s mid round nap!

If you’re interested in hearing the members of the judging staff from TFG Radio rant and ramble about the LVO and weird miniatures give our latest episode a listen on your way to the LVO! Or watch the Twitch Cast of the episode on YouTube below.

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About SaltyJohn

John has been playing Warhammer 40k since the 3rd edition box set with Space Marines, Dark Eldar, and weird green palm trees were in the set. He is currently a 40k Head Judge for the Las Vegas Open, the largest 40k tournament in the world. An avid board gamer, a huge fan of video games, and a guest spot on Geek and Sundry as a "Historian" during an episode of "Game the Game" round out his geek credentials. You can catch "Salty" John on TFG Radio's Twitch Show, and Podcast, as well as find him streaming video games on Twitch on the TFG Radio Twitch page from time to time.

5 Responses to “This Week in the ITC: 2-7-19 The LVO is Here, Now What!?”

  1. Avatar
    Kevin Lantz February 7, 2019 3:16 am #

    What do you mean I probably won’t win my event!? I win my local events like 35% of the time! 800 strangers is total chump change compared to that!

    • SaltyJohn
      SaltyJohn February 7, 2019 7:58 am #

      This… This is not managing expectations… LOL! Good luck!

  2. Avatar
    Matt February 7, 2019 9:37 am #

    Hey John,

    I totally forget to get a conversion approved. It was something I’ve just used all the time and completely forget it was a conversion (I’m not sure I’ve ever seen the actual model in person). Am I screwed? Can I get approval to use it tomorrow morning?

    • SaltyJohn
      SaltyJohn February 7, 2019 9:40 am #

      Do you have my email address? Send me a photo. Or send it to the SaltyJohn FB page.

      • Avatar
        Matt February 7, 2019 10:30 am #

        Thanks! I send a FB message.

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