LVO 2019 Seminars!

This year’s LVO will feature several seminars for our attendees. Check them out if you can!

Thursday 7p-8p

Games Workshop Seminar

Come and take part in the kick off of the Las Vegas Open. Games Workshop will be on hand to talk about all things Warhammer as well as potentially revealing news and previews on what we can expect in 2019.



Thursday, 8:30p -9:30p

Content Creator Media Panel

Want to meet and listen to your favorite war gaming personalities rap philosophical? Kick off the weekend with a lively evening with some of the best and brightest in the industry! Moderated by the boys from Life After the Cover Save this is bound to be a fun time!

Let’s meet the panel!

Geoff ‘iNcontroL’ Robinson

Adam Loper, Mr.Tabletop Minions himself

Yo Dawg Kenny Boucher

Jonathan Lindsley from the FNP Wargamers channel!

Lawrence Baker from the Tabletop Tactics channel.


Friday 6p-7p

How to YouTube – Technical Details

In this class, Atom Smasher will be talking about the technical details of making good-looking wargaming videos for YouTube. He’ll talk cameras, microphones, editing software, and more. He’ll also talk about general photography concepts, sound design, and editing tips for beginners. Learn how to bring the look and sound of your YouTube videos to the next level.

Saturday 6p-7p

How to YouTube – Content, Branding and Promotion

In this class, Atom Smasher will teach you the non-technical aspects of starting a YouTube channel, for wargaming or otherwise: focusing on your content, creating your branding and sticking to it, and promoting your channel through social media and beyond. Learn important strategy concepts to help your YouTube channel grow.

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