In the Finest Hour Episode 10: Hordes vs. Elites

There’s a lot of talk about 8th Edition being a “horde meta,” but what does that actually mean for you as a player?

In this episode, we explore the relative strengths of both horde armies and elite armies, and how they each function on the tabletop. From movement to board control to objective-holding, both armies can perform a lot of impressive tricks- but if you’re going up against them, you’re going to need to fight those strategies very differently. We also look at why you might favor one strategy over the other as well as how they each interact with some of the fundamental rules of 8E, like characters, morale, and model placement.

As usual, we also have a nod to our tempo episode as we consider how to fight each of them as well as more discussion of weapon types and how each of the two armies achieves saturation with its respective profile- all of these separate topics are fundamentally related, as it turns out. Plus, an opportunity to hear about each of the hosts’ Closet of Shame and its horrible, money-wasting contents.

Episode Music: Dankmus
Icon Artist: Rylan Woodrow
Sponsored by: Vreda Forge
Directed by: Sean Morgan
Edited by: Shaylynn Allen


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5 Responses to “In the Finest Hour Episode 10: Hordes vs. Elites”

  1. Alpharius Walks January 31, 2019 11:50 am #

    I understand the push for a smaller audio file but you may have condensed the file a bit much to save space, the voices were definitely off compared to past episodes.

    I would like to make the argument that there was also a brief time when you could have a lot of fun with Terminators competitively. During the original Hard Boyz season I almost got to go to the national event from SoCal playing a Chaos Terminator horde. All of the combi-weapons deep striking off of Nurgle bikers with Lash of Submission was plenty effective. But yes as someone who owns far too many terminators it would be wonderful if GW could make them a bit more effective.

    I would echo the comments about moving with hordes, both between tables and on the table, that you absolutely need to use movement trays in timed events with that many models.

    While not related to the competitive side of 40k, I do like how hordes work with the principle that quantity is a quality of its own to retain some dignity for the less artistically skilled among us. While I am never going to impress someone with the quality of an individual model I painted, dropping a fully painted horde can still be visually impressive.

  2. Lady of Titan February 1, 2019 9:41 am #

    Chaos Terminators are some of the better ones around. Grey Knights still have the shortest end of the stick in the terminator chassis. We have no difference in our wargear, slower speed, over twice the cost (for not twice the toughness)- heck we are not even getting a rules advantage really- Strikes mechanically preform 95% of what a terminator does (sans the armor, wound, and extra attack).

    Our Paladins at least have three wounds? Yay?

    • Reecius February 1, 2019 10:09 am #

      Chaos Terminators are FIRE now! I’m building up a unit of 10 right after LVO. Double shooting x40 with VotLW at 24″?!? Yessir!

      • abusepuppy February 1, 2019 5:00 pm #

        The problem is, you run into a single Avenger Gattling Cannon and your 500pt unit just comes to pieces. Or a squad of Dark Reapers, or a Heavy Burst Cannon, or any one of the dozen other multidamage weapons with large numbers of shots and good AP out there.

        GW has been way too free about handing out those kinds of weapons, which has been a significant detriment to Terminators.

        • Reecius February 1, 2019 9:59 pm #

          As I’ve been saying for pretty much the edition, you give MEQs +1 wound and attack and they’re amazing. But, hey.

          This makes Termies hit like a truck though, I really like it. If they die, they die, but on the way in they will do some serious damage. They’re not the expensive, either.

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