Army Painter Supporting the LVO in a Big Way!

Our friends over at Army Painter have a very cool announcement about their support of the LVO Painting Championship!

@The Army Painter was born from wargaming and in our pursuits to support competitive gaming, we are excited to continue growing our Con-Wide Painting Competition at the Las Vegas Open. Along with product support for paint-and-takes, speed-painting competitions, and other awards at LVO – we will be searching for the three best paint armies across all game systems! Whether you’re playing Infinity or Age Of Sigmar, 30K or Malifuax, Bolt Actions or 40K – you better bring your best, because every registered gamer has a chance to win. We will be awarding the top-three best painted armies from the entire convention, with top prize winning a Limited Edition Complete Paint Set which includes every colour from our massive range of Warpaints, Quickshade Washes, Effects & Metallics – AND – the coveted 22K Golden Brush! #thearmypainter #spraypaintdipdone #getmoretimeforgaming

To learn more about The Army Painter, visit:

And check out how they helped Nick Nanavati paint his entire Ork army in a weekend!

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