Nerdery: Ghostbusters 3 Teaser Trailer

This looks very promising!


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3 years ago

I dunno. Going back to the original team without Harold Ramis just feels wrong to me.

3 years ago
Reply to  WestRider

Chatted yesterday with a friend about that. We figured it could be really great. Ghostbusters was, fundamentally, about starting a small business in a new market. The death of Egon is a fantastic way to move forward. His death explains why they can’t keep up with the equipment, since no one else really understands it like he did. This is similar to a small business suddenly losing an important supplier, or a key component of their product is suddenly discontinued (maybe even for legal reasons). It’s often a death-knell for these companies.

In the case of Egon, that can be a very literal death-knell. The Ghost Busters now have to start from scratch again, with less reliable, aging equipment, less reliable aging staff, and ghosts of past jobs not fully “repaired”. Meanwhile, the shadow of retirement looms – can the Ghost Busters keep their business going even if they themselves aren’t going to be there any longer?

This could lead to some hilarious and serious results!

Or maybe I see it this way because I work for a construction company, and each and every one of these things is a struggle that I face in one way or another, and sometimes it’s funny. So that, but with ghosts.

3 years ago
Reply to  Yarium

I could see that approach having some potential, yeah.

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