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Get ready for the 40k Long War Doubles Tournaments in 2019. Take a look at everything you need to know to participate and bring a friend!

Long War Doubles Tournaments are currently set to be held at Adepticon and LVO for 2019 with more events potentially being added throughout the year. So what exactly is a Long War Doubles Tournament?

Working alongside other event types we strive to create an environment where the plethora of available events provides opportunities that appeal to ALL the different types of gamer. We believe that multiple event formats can only benefit and grow the pool of active competitive and casual players. A rising tide lifts all boats.

long war doubles

You’ll be bringing a 1,000-point force and team up with another person to form a 2,000-point alliance. Then, you’ll go against other teams just like yourself to see who will come out on top! – Remember that when picking what factions can be paired up with each other, anything goes, but this event is more hobby centric and less about winning than most.

Long War Doubles Details

longwar doubles kastelan robots winner

Our doubles tournament allows each player to bring 1000 point force, which you will pair with another player to form a 2000 point team. Specific army composition rules will follow in the coming weeks, but the general guideline is anything goes!

The only hard and fast rules are that your army must be painted to a 3-color minimum with basing & each individual 1000 point army must follow the current FAQ’s for list construction which differs from standard 2000 point construction.

40k army construction FAQ

Scoring will involve elements of Sportsmanship, Theme, Composition, Battle Points and of course Painting. To excel in this event your team should be exemplars of the hobby! But here’s the rub, your team’s army composition score is judged by your opponents. What does this mean in practice? Just don’t be a dick!

tlw doubles socal big game

Current Point Breakdown

  • Hobby Score=70%
  • Battle Score=30%
  • The major difference this year is that Theme is the biggest Hobby score. Max scores on theme are equal to max battle points.
  • Theme is judged by us and will include points for team spirit, physical narratives, and many more obvious points.
  • The next biggest score is painting followed by sports and comp which are both player-policed and equal.
  • The rubrics will be published soon.

Long War Missions

tlw doubles socal armies on parade winner

We will be using modified ITC missions with a margin of victory on primary points. All missions packs will be available on our BHB Resource Page shortly. You can, however, view the previous year’s packets currently.

Margin of Victory:

  • +5 is Minor win 15pts
  • +10 is Major win 20pts
  • +15 is Massacre win 25pts
  • Secondaries will be “keep what you score up to 12 points
  • A max win is 37 points and a max loss is 12 points.

Chapter Approved 2018 will be used. All Games Workshop FAQs will be in play with the following exception: If an FAQ or Codex comes out 2 weeks prior to the tournament, we will not use it. However, we will use ALL errata, even if it comes out the day of the tourney.

You’ve got time to prepare your lists for the Long War Doubles. Grab a friend and playtest a few lists can bring the heat, look good, but most importantly not make any feel badsies. What faction will you be rolling in the tournament? Are you going to play for thematics or competitiveness? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group.


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3 years ago

So I am reading this right when it says you can only have 2 of each unit then? If this is so then it will be a scramble to try and paint something to fill the spot…shame this information wasn’t posted earlier to allow people to get a display board and really etch out the theme. I feel for most the doubles is more of a relaxing sunday after all the hardship that vegas throws at you. Would be nice to just toss in a few units from the champs with a friend, have some beverages, laugh it up and not take things to serious. I guess this can still be the case but now some might have a hard time with the 2 unit max.

3 years ago

I am happy to see the push toward a bigger Hobby score for this event. I am hoping it will cut back on the more cutthroat lists. Even seeing modified ITC missions makes me happy.

Here’s to hoping for a good 2019!

3 years ago
Reply to  Finklelord

i’m not against the more hobby push, just the 1 month notice. I’m scrambling to get a list for this now.

3 years ago
Reply to  mamdair

I suppose for the LVO it is a little more rough. I have until the end of March to polish my list. (Sadly no LVO for me).

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