In the Finest Hour Episode 07: Saturation- Threats vs. Targets

Fresh (?) on the heels of forty-eight hours of Warhammer, we’ve got a new episode of our podcast, this one focusing on the difference between giving your opponent something to kill and giving them more than they can possibly kill.

Well, it’s been a hectic three days for all of our podcast hosts, but as we close in on the last few weeks before the Las Vegas Open we’re all scrambling to get ready for the new meta and all that it brings. Foremost on a lot of people’s minds are how to handle the sheer weight of bodies that many armies are bringing these days, especially in the form of Ork Boyz, or Tzaangors/Plaguebearers, or even just regular ol’ Guardsmen. With that concern in mind, we have for you an episode on how to handle armies that try to drown you in a particular type of target as well as advice for lists that try to do so themselves and how to balance that against other concerns for an army.

In the top half of the episode, we discuss what the concept of “saturation” is and what it means for the game and relate it to other, similar concepts such as redundancy, mass, and so on. We talk about how saturation can differ at different levels of points and the most common types of profiles- in terms of both weapons and units- that you tend to see on the table, and hence the types of things you need to be bringing with an army on both sides. In the bottom half of the hour, we give some more concrete examples, talk about how saturation is affected by the meta, and look at reasons why you wouldn’t want to try and overload the enemy with a particular target. We also talk about our strategies for beating saturation-style armies and the sorts of tools you will want for dealing with them.
We also debut our new feature, the List of the Week. Each week, a different one of our three hosts will present a list they had found recently that they considered weird, unique, different, or interesting for whatever reason. Spoilers: this time around, it involves a ton of fast vehicles that you might not’ve expected to see on the table.
Episode Music: Dankmus
Icon Artist: Rylan Woodrow
Sponsored by: Vreda Forge
Directed by: Sean Morgan
Edited by: Shaylynn Allen

If you would like to contact us, you can post to our Facebook page or email us at; we’re happy to give advice, take suggestions, comments and criticism, or help out with anything else Warhammer-related that you might be curious about.


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I was there, reader- I was there three editions ago. When Games Workshop released the Ynnari. When the strength of men failed.
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3 years ago

One of the best weapon saturation tricks is to find a way to enhance a certain weapon so that it becomes the answer across multiple enemy profiles. Turn an anti-infantry gun into an anti-tank gun through psychic powers and/or stratagems during the game. This way you have all points in the spectrum covered with the most guns. Veterans of the Long War, Doom, Bobby G rerolls, these all work to turn one type of gun profile effective across many more target profiles.

3 years ago
Reply to  abusepuppy

You have a good podcast here. I’ve listened to two episodes and It is very informative. I also enjoyed watching you play in the Charity Hammer event this past weekend. I learned a lot. Thanks for your contributions to the community.

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