New Years Hobby Resolutions

Hey everyone, Reecius here to have a fun conversation on our new years hobby goals!

The new year is a great time to think about what we want to accomplish in 2019. Here’s what I want to accomplish:

Finish my Beasts of Chaos Army

I’ve been having a ton of fun painting my Beasts of Chaos army and while I have slowed down a bit during the holidays and the buildup to LVO, I want to get them back on track as I have picked up 60 Ungors, some Bestigors, Centigors and other goodies!

Finish my Space Marine army and Custom Bobby G

My Red Tigers Space Marines are more than tournament worthy but I want to finish detailing them and adding on some cool transfers to really finish them off.

Also, instead of the Bobby G model I wanted to convert up a custom model using the Custodes Contemptor-Achilles as a base for it. Bobby G is a beautiful model but he’s covered in Ultramarines iconography. Plus, I like the idea of a super-dreadnought warrior leading my army! Painted up red to match my army with some conversion work done to spice him up and look special, I think he’d really look great. As using this model is modeling for disadvantage, lol, as it is so much bigger I feel confident it will be well received by anyone I play.

Finish my Eldar, Tyranids and expand my Astra Militarum

I’d also like to finish off my new and improved Footdar army, as well as some of the big bugs from my Nid army that have been sitting on the shelf half done for ages. Lastly, I’d like to finish off the expansion to my Astra Militarum.

The Mighty, Mighty Footdar!

My Tartarus 151st, scourging the world of some traitorous Sisters!

What are your hobby resolutions for the new year?


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3 years ago

Nice article 😀

Mine are to finish repainting my Nids (totally inspired by Frankie’s color scheme, most of the work left is simply pinning the models to resin bases)

Finish painting my GSC Neophyte/Guardsmen (only about 15 left) and GSC Aberrants (only 5 or 6 guys) in time for the codex and downsize my 20ish+ acolytes or paint them depending on if they’re good in the book or not.

And finally.. get my Custodes painted/assembled. They were an Xmas gift to myself, just couldn’t resist starting a battallion to go with my guard/ad mech.

3 years ago

I really do like that paint scheme on the Footdar.

For me I have two main hobby resolutions. Start a kult of speed army, was always on my list of armies to do when I was younger, with the new vehicles it was the push to start. So I have two boxes of speed freeks which have started to assembly ready for painting. With a view of taking it to a tournament

The other is take my current T’au and doing some edge highlighting on my current painted models, and finish off more of my suits, especially in light of CA 2018.

3 years ago

I’m anxious to see that Bobby G conversion. As to my own hobby goals, I’d like to finish my Stormcast army that I’ve been putting off for ages, and to also finish up my Primaris Flesh Tearers.

Speaking of your Red Tigers, can we get some more pics of this awesome army?

3 years ago

My resolution will be to paint all my models before I buy any more.

3 years ago

Inspired by a bunch of various end of year posts, my goal for 2019 is to record everything I manage to finish and figure out just what my productivity is like so I have a good baseline to set realistic goals from there on out.

Charlie A.
3 years ago
Reply to  WestRider

That’s smart!

3 years ago

Get foam or other way to store my armies
I have soany models just in plastic bags lol.

3 years ago

My hobby resolution is to build, paint, and play a single army for the whole year. Defeat my hobby adhd.

Mediocre Gamer
Mediocre Gamer
3 years ago

I have two resolutions for 2019:

Dark Angels…… I already have a substantial force, but in 2019 I intend to add a loyal 32 in DA style – ie, Cawdor. I also intend to add in an Imperial Knight and Armiger detachment with heavy DA iconography.

Slaanesh…… I want to make a sizeable AoS army. I already have a beasts of chaos army from WHFB, painted in Slaanesh colors. I think they will be paired with some Slaanesh demons, as we now know they will release in 2019 thanks to the Warhammer Community post.

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