Nerdery: John Wick 3: Parabellum Promises Highest Body Count Yet!

The John Wick films are some of the best action movies to come out in recent years, and it looks like the third installment in the series will deliver the goods.

The first movie featured a minimalist plot that was lightly making fun of itself (the baddies kill his dog and steal his car, so he kills ALL of them, lol). As silly as that sounds, it worked and was super fun to watch. The movie said, hey, you’re here to see some asses get kicked and don’t really care about an involved plot, and we’re going to give you exactly that. With a whopping body count of over eighty, the second movie came along and blew that away with 128. The directors have said of the third film, it will be even higher…which is absurd in a good way.

What I really liked about the second film though, was that it started to pull the veil back a bit about the backstory of the John Wick universe with the Continental and the secretive ways they work. Anjelica Houston will show up in the film as one of the heads of the Assassin’s guild and apparently reveal some of John’s backstory as one of the figures that helped raise him.

I think it’s pretty awesome that they are giving us more of the backstory as the universe the films take place in is pretty intriguing. Also, Halle Berry will play a new assassin in the film, and that’s just cool.

So, I am stoked for this movie as I really enjoy the films so far and Keanu Reeves is just an awesome actor and dude. Can’t wait to see what we get in the third installment!

The movie is coming out in May of 2019.

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