Completed Commission: Chaos Cultists

These Tournament Standard Chaos Cultists came out great at a very affordable price point by the FLG Paint Studio.

Tournament Standard is our lowest price point for a paint job and is quite simple but is perfect for units like Cultists who come in big units and don’t need to be painted to a high level of detail. Tournament Standard looks great on the tabletop and allows you to save money. If you like painting, it’s a great way to get models built and painted to a basic level, and you can go in and do the fun part at your leisure.

Here’s what the customer had to say about his Tournament Standard project:

I wanted to let you know that I got the cultists last week and I’m really happy with them. They look great. Since it was your bottom tier painting level I thought I might need to do some additional work on them, but they already look better than what I can do on my own. So I just need to do the bases, thanks again!

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