Wrath and Rapture up for Pre-Order

Wrath and Rapture is up for pre-order at our discounted prices and FREE shipping options along with the new (and AWESOME) Noise Marine.

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  • A multipart plastic Citadel Miniature
  • Update of a classic. Based on the 1991 Citadel Miniature sculpted by Jes Goodwin
  • Construction guide includes a datasheet complete with points for use in matched play
  • Completely compatible with a Chaos Space Marines army

Realm of Chaos: Wrath and Rapture

– 38 Citadel Miniatures, including the following:

Daemons of Khorne
1x Karanak, the Hound of Khorne
10x Bloodletters
3x Bloodcrushers
5x Flesh Hounds

Daemons of Slaanesh
1x Infernal Enrapturess
10x Daemonettes
3x Fiends of Slaanesh
5x Seekers of Slaanesh

A 24-page Wrath and Rapture booklet
A 24-page Denizens of the Warp booklet
A 24-page Bane of the Mortal Realms booklet
A double-sided token sheet containing two 9″ range rulers, a Prey of the Blood God marker (used to identify Karanak’s prey), Khornate and Slaaneshi wound markers, and six numbered objective markers.

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    WestRider December 15, 2018 4:16 pm #

    Man. Even the packaging for that Noise Marine is epic!

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    rvd1ofakind December 15, 2018 8:35 pm #

    Base changes ahoy?

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