AoS Learning League: Warboss Andrew’s Army: Nurgle Daemons

Warboss Andrew, aka, Poximus Prime, bring us an update on his AoS league Nurgle Daemon force so far!

Andrew here and I have recently started Warhammer Age of Sigmar 2.0 and I have joined in the Frontline Gaming’s AOS 2.0 slow grow league. My most recent war gaming experience has been with Warhammer 40k but in the past I was an avid Warhammer Fantasy Battles player. The current edition of Warhammer 40k is a ton of fun, but I found that I miss the lore and aesthetic of a fantasy world. So I decided to supplement my unhealthy addiction to tiny plastic soldiers by starting up Age of Sigmar 2.0.

One of my first armies in Warhammer 40k was Chaos Space Marines Deathguard in the good ol’ day of the 3.5 Chaos Space Marine Codex, and I eventually had accumulated so many plague bearers for it that I had that start of a very large fantasy army of Nurgle Daemons. So when I saw that Nurgle has a new book for Age of Sigmar designed with AOS 2.0 in mind Nostalgia took over and compelled me to build and buy a new Daemonic Legion Nurgle.

Besides aesthetics and nostalgia the game mechanics of AOS 2.0 look very interesting to me. On the surface the game appeared to be very simple but the more I learned about AOS 2.0 the more strategic and tactical it seemed. I am a complete newbie to Age of Sigmar, but it looks to have a lot of depth in its gameplay that I hope to experience and explore.

What I want to accomplish from this League is to paint up a small force of Nurgle Daemons to a table top standard and begin start learning the subtle tricks and intricacies that the Grandfathers minions have to offer me. Furthermore, I am going to force myself to stick with Nurgle daemons for at least one year after I complete a playable army to help me learn the mechanics AOS 2.0, and maybe it will help to prevent me from buying the next shiny book that I find interesting. (I am looking at you beast of chaos…) Happy Wargaming everyone!


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    KingCro October 8, 2018 9:12 pm #

    I’m excited to see this league grow and see all the hobby and gaming progress! Cant wait to see who is next!

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