Age of Sigmar Learning League: Warboss Scott’s Warband: Da Bad Moon Bear’az

Warboss Scott bring us a fun update on his Destruction force featuring Moon Clan Grots!

“Boss…Boss, da dead are attacking da ‘umans,” Wrac said to the warboss.

“Why are you wake’n me,” Vozdaal opened one eye.  The haze from a night of shroombrew still clouding his vision.

“A prophet says it’s da perfect time to go to da surface,” Wrac smiled.  “I was t’inking it’s time to get the warband back toge’va.”

“What prophet is dat,” Vozdaal snarled as he reached for his Magic Pokin’ stick. “Da Bad Moon Baer’az be no more.  Dis prophet is a fake and I’m gonna zap ya fer waken me.”

“No! Warboss,” pleaded Wrac.  “ ‘ez da real t’ing, wit a squig and all…like you.”

“Like ‘oo?,” Yelled Vozdaal.  “Dār ain’t nobody like me.” Vozdaal gripped his weapon and green-blue energy crackled along the shaft.

“ ‘ez not as strong as you Warboss,” the underling bowed low.  “Yer more cunnin’ and ‘is squig is small’a, not as big as Bite’a.”  Wrac took a step back, “go talk to ‘im Warboss. We ‘ave been ‘iding down ‘ere so long, dat I don’t remember what da moon looks like no more.  What we got to lose?”

“Where is dis prophet?” Vozdaal demanded.  Standing to his full height of 3 foot 6 inches, 3” shorter than Wrac.  He gestured for his boss hat.

Wrac stooped a little as he went to get the hat, “ ‘ez in da Milky Cave.”

With his cap now making him nearly 6 feet and grasping Bite’a’s chain he shuffled out towards the Milky Cave.  This was the group’s water source and fungus garden. The prophet stood taller than Vozdaal, but a little shorter than his pointy cap.  The new arrival had fungus growing from his head and weaved about with little focus on who was there.

“Great Warboss,” the prophet said.  Seeming aware of Vozdaal’s presents without looking at him.  “I am Weeldurk da addled and It’z time. Da Moon ‘z red and da ‘umanz are losing to da dead.  Reavers look for the strong, and we can take from da rest.”

“Why would’z I want to go into dat?”  Snarled the Warboss.

“My visions tell me dat d’ere is a way to beat ba dead and da od’ers ,” Weeldurk kicked the little squig next to him and a plume of purple mist floated up.  The shaman blew the fumes into Vozdool’s face. The Warboss fell to the ground twitching and giggling. We saw a bad moon hovering over a cave. The shadowy image of a giant toothy maw illuminated by the light.

Weeldurk called out, “do you see da squig?”

“I see da squig?” mumbled Vozdool.

Weeldurk called out, “do you see da squig?”

“I see da squig,” said Vozdaal.

Weeldurk called out, “do you see da squig?”

“I see da squig!” yelled Vozdaal, as he jumped up.  He screamed, “I see da squig!! Wrac…Wrac…?!”

“Yes Warboss?”

“We’r get’n da warband back toge’va.”

“Yes, Warboss,” smiled Wrac, in the background the giggles of the Shaman could be heard.  “Vozdaal da Moody, Is on da march!”

Stage 1 Goal (230 points)

Vozdaal da Moody – Moonclan Grot Warboss (Magical Moon-Prodder and a Giant Cave Squig)

Wrac’s Fangs –  20 Moonclan Grots (Pokin’ Spears and shield)

I’m re-basing and painting my old night goblin units from the 2000ish time period, when Orcs and Empire were in the starting box.  Some were built to play with, but never got painted. They have been sitting in a box waiting for their day. With Zarbag’s Gitz warband being released I’m hopeful that a new Moonclan Battletome is on the way.  Regardless of hoped releases, I’ve always loved the zany nature of the grots. Also, these old models needed some attention.

Any force starts with a leader and his core troops.  In the case of moonclan grots with spears, this is just the start to this unit, to be useful as a force on the table I’ll need 60 and one of each banner choice.  The Bad Moon Icon to give them a +1 to saves vs. shooting and the Grot Banner for a +2 bravery when the unit is out of combat. The larger number also helps with battle shock, as I get +1 for every 10 models.  Moonclan grots get a +1 to wound in the combat phase for 20+ models and +2 if there are 30+ models. Knee stabbers indeed, “Get ‘um lads.”

As my general, I’m using the old Skarsnik model.  Although he is dead his disciples still practice cunning brutality in the Mortal Realms.  His Squig “Bite’a” and the Moon prodded give him some punch in the shooting and combat phases, but that’s not what he does.  He will have the trait Bellowing Tyrant to get the mobs moving faster and give a unit his bravery (5). The command ability gives one unit the ability to do mortal wounds on a natural 6, plus any normal damage the unit might do.

That’s my starting point.  From my narrative, you may guess what will eventually be added to the force.  Finishing this army on time will be a big challenge for me. Hobby ADHD is real, and the army of grey plastic suffers its effects.

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  1. Ytook October 8, 2018 5:27 am #

    Great stuff, and fun read! Brings back memories seeing those old Goblin models.

    Given the Malign Portents character and the Shadespire warband I’d be surprised if the Moonclan Grots didn’t get a Battletome sometime soon.

    • Reecius October 8, 2018 12:52 pm #

      Glad you’re enjoying it!

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