Event Spotlight: The Iron Halo

The Iron Halo is a Warhammer 40K ITC Major Tournament in Bartlesville, OK October 6th and 7th at On the Rock Ministries.

This will be the 4th year running this tournament and have sold out at 102 spots with 8 people on the waiting list.  Some of the notable folks participating are Sam Henley and Trent Northington which are the two favorites to win, however the Iron Halo has its own unique meta, and anyone and any list can win.  Streaming games will be occurring all weekend the Iron Halo Twitch channel Twitch.tv/ironhalotv with hosts Pablo Martinez (Chapter Tactics Podcast) and Brian Hunter (Flying Wargaming Podcast) commentating.  The stream will provide a 5 full competitive games of 40K, with mic’ed players and hosts, multiple camera angels, in-depth statists (provided by BCP), entertaining commentary, and engagement with the online community.  Visit ironhalo.org for previously streamed games and info on the Iron Halo.

Schedule of Coverage

Friday 10/5
10/5 9PM CST – Introductions and Predictions

Saturday 10/6
8:45AM – Warm-Up Day 1
9:00AM – Round 1
12:00 – Painted Army Exhibition
1:15 – Round 2
4:30 – Round 3
7:30 – Day 1 Wrap Up

Sunday 10/7
8:45AM – Warm-Up to Day 2
9AM – Round 4
12:00-12:45 – Final Round Predictions
12:45 – Final Round!
3:45 – Final Thoughts

Also, thanks for helping us grow from 40 folks our first year to 102 our 4th.  The Iron Halo is a product of the ITC system and we would not be here if it was not for you and your team.

Jason Horn

Tournament Orgnanizor

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