ETC 2018 Harlequins Tournament Report

Our friends from Godhammer Gaming have brought us team a recap from the ETC.

After 8 months of preparation, I was proud to lead team Australia’s campaign in Croatia for this year’s European team championships (ETC) event.

We all took part in the Singles event and then the team event and I have a time stamp in the description for when each game is. For the team event I took a all harlequin list and for the singles I allied in some Drukhari (Dark Eldar). As expected I had a great time and recommend anyone who gets the opportunity to go to the ETC to do it!

Singles event: 1:03

  • Game 1 – Harlequins/Drukhari vs Chaos 13:12
  • Game 2 – Harlequins/Drukhari vs Harlequins 23:20
  • Game 3 – Harlequins/Drukhari vs Daemons 31:28
  • Game 4 – Harlequins/Drukhari vs Chaos & 1k sons 41:15
  • Game 5 – Harlequins/Drukhari vs Imperial mix

Team event: 51:15

  • Game 1 – Harlequins vs Custodes 59:13
  • Game 2 – Harlequins vs Tyranids/GSC 1:11:50
  • Game 3 – Harlequins vs Dark angels 1:22:45
  • Game 4 – Harlequins vs Imperial knights 1:33:37
  • Game 5 – Harlequins vs Drukhari / Harlequins 1:47:30
  • Game 6 – Harlequins vs Orks

Final standings / results: Singles:… Team:…

For further details of the event: The tournament:

Thanks to: – Julien from the French Wargame Studio for the drone footage. Check them out!…

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  1. bouddha September 29, 2018 11:52 pm #

    Thanks for the video.
    Very helpful on how to use Harlequin pre FAQ/errata
    Just a shame that the flip belt was nerfed/nuked.

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