New FLG Mat: Snow Base

We’ve got another new FLG Mat for you! This time: Snow Base.

Check out the new mats, here!

Snow Base is a beautiful new miniatures gaming mat produced by us here at Frontline Gaming! This mat is a highly detailed “mouse-pad” style mat printed on neoprene so it doesn’t slip when you’re using it, lays flat and rolls up into the handy carry bag we provide for ease of transportation and storage. Snow Base is available in the 6×4′, 6×3′, 4×4′, 3×3′ and 24″x14″ sizes.

This mat evokes a snowy SciFi scene, with lovely, highly detailed images to enhance your miniatures gaming experience. This mat would work very well with games such as Warhammer 40,000, the Horus Heresy, Infinity, Necromunda, Star Wars, and many more.

During the release period, August 21st through September 4th, these mats are available at a discount and as always we offer FREE shipping for orders $99 and up within the continental USA. So if you’ve had your eye on another FLG Mat, or perhaps some ITC Terrain or other goodies, pick them up at the same time and save!

FLG Mats: Snow Base 6×4′

FLG Mats: Snow Base 6×3′

FLG Mats: Snow Base 4×4′

FLG Mats: Snow Base 3×3′

FLG Mats: Snow Base 24″ x 14″


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