New FLG Mat: Undercity! Discounted Price During Release Week!

Check out this cool new FLG Mat! If you dig it, you can pick one up at a 10% discount during the release week with FREE shipping within the continental USA for orders $99 and up!

Grab your new FLG Mat, here!

The new Undercity FLG Mat is a beautiful, extremely detailed tabletop wargaming mat that is created right here in the USA by Frontline Gaming staff! It is printed on high quality non-slip neoprene, rolls up into a handy nylon bag for ease of transportation and storage, lays flat and isn’t shiny like vinyl.

This mat evokes a high tech urban environment that would be great for games like Infinity, Necroumnda, 40k, 30k, and many skirmish games! These mats go great with ITC Terrain or with other terrain lines such as Games Workshop’s terrain kits which you can also pick up from Frontline Gaming at a discount!

This mat is available in the following sizes. The discounted price runs through Tuesday, August 21st, 2018.

Undercity 6×4′

Undercity 6×3′

Undercity 4×4′

Undercity 3×3′

Undercity 24×14″


And remember, Frontline Gaming sells gaming products at a discount, every day in their webcart!



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Peter de Florio
3 years ago

So… What would be awesome…

Is a mat cut board that is killl team sized that has all the weird deployment schemes hidden into the design so you don’t have to measure.

That’s a mat that would sell l like crazy!

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