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With a new edition comes new FAQs! Check them out.

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The new edition of Warhammer Age of Sigmar lands in stores this weekend. We’ve learned a lot about the new rules already, but there is one final piece to the puzzle. In order to make your existing armies work with all the new rules, your battletomes and warscrolls need a few tweaks and adjustments to bring them in line with the new edition. So, without further ado, we bring you the Warhammer Age of Sigmar New Edition FAQ:

Summoning Errata

One of the biggest changes to the new edition is summoning no longer costing any reinforcement points! To keep this fun and balanced, several warscrolls have been tweaked to incorporate the new changes – the Screaming Bell, for instance, can only ever summon one Verminlord to the battlefield, while new rules for summoning with any army that has a battletome already are included in full and for free.

New Mechanics

The new edition has brought a host of tweaks great and small – and the New Edition FAQ makes sure that your army benefits from them properly. From ensuring that certain abilities stay useful in the new edition to closing loopholes that might emerge, make sure to check the New Edition FAQ to see how your army has been affected.

Your Questions Answered

The studio have been through your queries and questions from the inbox and have endeavoured to answer them, providing definitive clarification to several common queries.

The Designer’s Commentary

Finally, the New Edition FAQ is being released alongside a 7-page set of notes written by the team behind the new edition to clarify anything that might be confusing you and to establish the proper spirit in which certain rules are written – if you’re not clear on something from the core rules, chances are it’s covered in here. Of particular interest to many of you, in the Core Rules Designers’ Commentary, you’ll find the much-requested recommended base-size list, making this the perfect time to re-base your army if you’ve been putting off. This is just a recommendation though, and you can, of course, continue to use whatever bases you think look awesome on your models.

In short, with the New Edition FAQ on hand, you’ll be able to focus on enjoying the new edition safe in the knowledge that everything is working as intended – we recommend the first thing you read is the Designer’s Commentary, which will give you the best insights into the changes.

You can download every new battletome and Grand Alliance update from our FAQ page.


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