New ITC Terrain Series: Gothic Ruins

The new Gothic Ruins terrain set is now available!

This terrain set is our newest in the ITC Terrain Series line of wargaming terrain. It is designed specifically to go on the Ruined City FLG Mat, but can easily be used on almost any of our mats. What makes this terrain series so cool is that it provides excellent coverage for your tables, is affordable and the kits are very easy to build and paint. This terrain is also very “playable.” What we mean by that is that it is easy to move models in and around the terrain so that it looks cool without inhibiting game play.

Take a look at this tutorial I wrote while making the above set of terrain for our studio!

This set also includes our biggest terrain piece, yet: the Gothic Ruins Cathedral. It’s MASSIVE and makes a great centerpiece for your table.

Per usual, we offer each kit individually and in bundle deals which save you money. Some of these bundles even come with the Ruinced City FLG Mat which means you get an entire themed table of terrain in one purchase! These kits are scaled for 28mm miniatures and are great for games such as Warhammer 40,000, Bolt Action, Horus Heresy, etc.

And remember, we offer FREE shipping for orders $99 and up within the continental USA!

Grab some Gothic Ruins ITC Terrain, here!


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  1. Korey June 6, 2018 6:38 am #

    Will the Tau themed building set that was available at last LVO be for sale anytime soon?

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