Completed Commission: Sisters of Battle

Here’s the rest of our Adeptus Ministorum (Sisters of Battle) commission and the army looks amazing!

This commission was painted by our very own FLG Paint Studio. Consider us for your next commission.


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4 Responses to “Completed Commission: Sisters of Battle”

  1. Avatar
    Ishagu April 30, 2018 1:42 pm #

    Are these painted for FLG use or are they a personal army for a client?

    • Reecius
      Reecius April 30, 2018 2:59 pm #

      They were a client’s commission. Glad you liked them!

  2. Michael Corr
    Michael Corr April 30, 2018 11:53 pm #

    Awesome stuff!

  3. Avatar
    MikeG May 1, 2018 12:55 am #

    Oooooh that’s nice.
    Do you ever say what a commission costs? This looks like a few grand’s worth of work

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