FLG League Off to a Fun Start!

The FLG League is off to a fun start with some early games coming in!

We had tough game of Orks vs. a coalition of Primaris Ultramarines and Adeptus Custodes. The Orks gave it their best but were unable to punch through the good saves and high number of wounds of the super duper marines. Orks lost that one, 6 to 35. However, the game looks awesome as it was played on the Orc ITC Terrain set!

We also saw a very cool game between Chaos Soup and a Genestealer Cult army with 3 Minotaur artillery tanks and a detachmenbt featuring Old One Eye and 3 melee Fexes which actually worked quite well, using Kraken to be able to leave combat and charge again, over and over. I could see a detachment like that being very useful in many Nid lists, too, perhaps with a few more of the very affordable Fexes added to it. In the end though, Chaos got it in a close game, 34 to 28.

Looking forward to more fun league action and remember, if you want to run a league you can do so and earn ITC points for it! It’s a great way to not only build up your score, but to build community, too as league play is very approachable for many folks and helps to build strong friendships, as well.


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  1. Brian March 11, 2018 5:55 pm #

    I would really like to start a league with some local player…Could you post your league format/rules? Thanks!!

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