Daughters of Khaine Preview: Part 4 – The Khinerai

Today we take a look at another new unit for the Daughters of Khaine, the Khinerai.

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A shadow is falling across the Mortal Realms – the Daughters of Khaine have come. Infused with sadistic cruelty and holy purpose, these brutal zealots will soon be yours to command thanks to a new battletome, new units and of course, Morathi herself! In this part of our preview, we’re checking out the savage Khinerai: 

As a result of the taint of Slaanesh, many aelven souls are permanently marred or twisted and, in physical form, mirror the vile Daemons of the Great Enemy. Yesterday, we took a closer look at the Melusai – the elite guard of the Daughters of Khaine, but they are far from the only mutants to serve the cult of Khaine. The Khinerai are winged aelves, descending from the skies to enact the wrath of the Shadow Queen, wherever her enemies hide…


Heartrenders are the second ranged unit to be added to the Daughters of Khaine, but while the Blood Sisters are patient, long distance combatants, the Khinerai Heartrenders excel at hit-and-run attacks. Firstly, thanks to their wings, the Khinerai aren’t just fast, but versatile – you’ll be able to set your unit up in reserve before bringing it onto the battlefield wherever you please in your movement phase.

This works superbly with Death From Above, which makes the barbed javelins wielded by the Khinerai particularly potent at piercing armour on the turn they’re set up:

Best of all, you’ll be able to dash away from the foe after firing with Fire and Flight, making enemy repercussion very difficult indeed:

If you’re looking to face the foe more directly, Khinerai Lifetakers fill a similar role to their sisters, except in melee. Like the Khinerai Heartrenders, these elite ambushers can set up in reserve before descending to the battlefield, but they’ll receive a hefty bonus every turn they charge rather than just when they’re set up:

With these in your arsenal, you’ll be able to grab objectives, slay distant foes or harry your enemy flanks with impunity. They’re not the only new tactical tools available to the Daughters of Khaine, however – come back tomorrow, when we’ll be taking a closer look at the new shadow magics available to these death-crazed warriors.


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