The LVO 2018 Pub Crawl

It’s back! The (in)famous LVO Pub Crawl lead by the equally (in)famous Cooper “Coop Juice” Waddell, is sure to be as much fun as it always is. Read on to learn about this adventure into madness! Er, I mean into the various pubs near to the event.

Schedule: Saturday, January 27th

  1. Redneck Riviera (See Map – Its right outside Ballys): 9:30pm
  2. Island Time Floats Tiki Bar (It is literally just downstairs from Redneck outside of Ballys): 10:45ish
  3. Indigo Lounge inside Ballys: Whenever we get there!
  4. Sullys inside Ballys: Who knows?!

By the Emperor, its close… it’s really close! The event we have all spent way too much time preparing our carefully created, tiny toy warriors for… the 2018 Las Vegas Open. Odds are most of you are still not prepared, testing army lists or painting up last minute units. You probably haven’t even locked down transportation to the event because you know, priorities and stuff.

Well with ALL of this planning you still have to do, Coop is here to lighten your load. On Saturday evening, January 27th 2018, no preparation is needed as I invite you all to join me for the infamous LVO Pub Crawl. I only ask you come with the intention of finding glory with your fellow gamers while visiting the finest watering holes Vegas has to offer over the course of one action-packed night. And of course, be of legal drinking age.

Seriously though, I sincerely hope you guys get a chance to make it out. Since attending the LVO and running this thing, I have met so many new people just through this event and it is just awesome to come back the next day or even the next year and see those familiar faces walking through the hall. Especially if this is your first time coming to a big event, this is a great way to share an adult beverage and some war stories with your buddies. Let’s be real, chances are you didn’t make the final tables on Sunday and need to blow off some steam anyhow. Now if you DID make the final tables and show up to the Pub Crawl, please let me buy you a drink as I would like to test your endurance as the worthy champion you claim to be!

Now to give you a sense of what to expect… 4 bars with a starting meet-up anywhere from 9:30-10pm. The “schedule” is posted above. They are all intended to be close/walking distance to the convention hall. This has been very effective in making sure we are easy to spot for those of you who want to join in a bit later. Now, if you are looking to just stop by for a drink or two, and don’t want to party till the wee hours of the next day, we still definitely want you to come by. We want to make this pub crawl the biggest one yet and hope that we can have as many brave souls come out for some fun, if only for a little while.

I have some pictures from the past couple years to give you a sense of what to look forward to. I hope to see you all there!


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7 Responses to “The LVO 2018 Pub Crawl”

  1. Avatar
    Derp January 2, 2018 4:15 pm #

    I like how the total amount of alcohol seems to remain constant thru the picture progression, as the number of people decreases, but the BAC per person appears to increase substantially.

    • Reecius
      Reecius January 2, 2018 4:16 pm #


    • Avatar
      Vybert January 2, 2018 5:21 pm #

      Total combines bac remains the same tho 😉

  2. Avatar
    Maeglin January 2, 2018 4:45 pm #

    Never have I wished to live on the west coast of the US more rather than the UK 🤣

    • Reecius
      Reecius January 2, 2018 5:04 pm #

      The Pub Crawl is pretty dang fun, lol. Hopefully you can make it some time!

  3. Avatar
    Jeavo January 3, 2018 10:06 am #

    In my experience 4 drinking venues do not make a pub crawl, just a night out

  4. Avatar
    Fulcrum January 3, 2018 2:07 pm #

    At last a reason for me to go this year!

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