Seminars at the LVO 2018

The Las Vegas Open 2018 will feature exciting and informative seminars covering a breadth of topics in the Tabletop Gaming world.

All seminars require a Convention Badge to attend.

Thursday, January 25th: Games Workshop Studio Preview

8:00pm. Pete and Andy will deliver a now legendary studio preview, which as always will feature a first look at a range of exciting upcoming releases as well as an opportunity for a Q&A session.

Friday, January 26th: How to YouTube – Technical Details

6:00pm to 7:00pm. In this class, Atom Smasher will be talking about the technical details of making good-looking wargaming videos for YouTube. He’ll talk cameras, microphones, editing software, and more. He’ll also talk about general photography concepts, sound design, and editing tips for beginners. Learn how to bring the look and sound of your YouTube videos to the next level.

This seminar requires a ticket to attend, which you can purchase, here.

Friday, January 26th: Media Seminar

7:30pm to 9:00pm. Join the who’s who in the Tabletop Wargaming community for our Industry Panel Discussion. Guests include Carl Tuttle from the Independent Characters Podcast, Adam Loper from Tabletop Minions, Dave from Miniwargaming, and several others! Topics will range from how to get started in pod-casting/video to the secret of doing 50 pushups in just 30 days.  Wow!

Saturday, January 27th: How to YouTube – Content, Branding and Promotion

In this class, Atom Smasher will teach you the non-technical aspects of starting a YouTube channel, for wargaming or otherwise: focusing on your content, creating your branding and sticking to it, and promoting your channel through social media and beyond. Learn important strategy concepts to help your YouTube channel grow.

This seminar requires a ticket to attend, which you can purchase here.


Andy Smillie and Pete Foley from Games Workshop can often be seen on WarhammerTV or promoting the Games Workshop hobby and working to bring you the best versions of Warhammer 40,000, Age of Sigmar and other Games Workshop Games possible. Andy is also a Black Library writer.

Adam (or Atom Smasher if you watch his videos) is a life-long nerd, starting with D&D in the fifth grade and moving to tabletop wargaming in the early 1990s. He was the U.S. Correspondent for Beasts of War, covering conventions like Gen Con and Adepticon from 2010 to 2013, when he decided to leave and start his own channel. Through his combined loves of wargaming and video production/filmmaking, he’s grown his YouTube channel Tabletop Minions through well-produced quality tutorials and gaming advice. Adam is an iffy painter at best, but is pretty good at the basics and likes to explain those techniques to new painters in his videos.

Carl Tuttle is host of the highly successful Independent Characters podcast and has a long history of gaming and pod-casting to share.

Dave Nordquist of MiniWargaming fame is a long time hobby enthusiast, independent filmmaker and gamer. He brings a wealth of information on community driven hobby success as well as YouTube best practices and experience.


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