Mysterious LVO 40k Narrative Transmission….

We recently received this transmission from the Las Vegas Open 2018 Narrative event, and it seems ominous!

  • Source: High Magos Biologis Novitus – Planet: Terra – System: Sol – Segmentum Solar
  • Transmission Date: 7 964 035.M42 [+/- 50 years]
  • Classification: CLASSIFIED


The fleets of the Imperium approach Vanar 5 with great haste. It is fortunate that the importance of the situation was not lost on those within the Segmentum Obscurus. Unfortunately, the significance of this location has also been recognized by many of humanity’s greatest threats, both of the foul xenos and of the ancient enemy. Regardless, battle plans continue to develop and preparations are being made for war. It is inevitable that conflict should arise on this planet. It is too heavily infested to be given over easily.

The first of the Imperial forces have already set down upon the surface of Vanar 5, performing scouting actions and preparing for the larger arrival of the fleets. Those that have not already made their presence known within the system should do so immediately by connecting to the following data site:

Further information and questions can be answered at this location.

Likewise, it is the duty of the Adeptus Administratum to record the efforts of all involved on Vanar 5, even in this remote location of the galaxy. All individuals that have not yet recorded their presence within the system should complete the following survey form for the Administratum’s records:

I am including images of some of the first arrivals on Vanar 5, the Imperial forces bringing the light of the Holy Emperor to its darkened lands. May their bold countenances bring you peace and courage.

By Bryce Kingman

By Donny Kim

By Emilio Plumey

By Sid Singh

I am also including images of some of the forces of the xenos and hated chaos that already pollute the surface of the planet. BE WARNED: These images are not to be viewed by those without clearance and proper recognition training.

By John Gameski

By Lang Nelson

By Adam Kozaczka

By Paul Forbes

The time for battle is nigh and this world will be reclaimed in the name of his Holy Beneficence. By the Emperor we shall right the wrong brought on his name nearly half a century ago!

  • ++ MESSAGE ENDS ++
  • Item Attached: Vox Recording
  • Source: Unknown. Not from original sender. Not part of original transmission.
  • ++ PLAYBACK ++
  • -5 second fragment loop repeating x100, 8.03 minute duration. Majority white noise. Whispered voice detected; too quiet to determine precisely. Suggested phrase based on vox-file analysis: “In great numbers they come.”-
  • ++ END PLAYBACK ++


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