New Easy to Build Kits in this Week’s GW Pre-Order

Reinforcements Come Easy

This week we have reinforcement for both the Primaris Space Marines and the forces of the Death Guard in the form of the Easy Build kits! For the Space Marines we have the mighty Remdemptor Dreadnought and the relentless Aggressors while the Plague Marines finally see the release of the fearsome Blight-Hauler and the diseased Lord Felthius and his Blightlord Terminator Bodyguards, both easy to build kits. You can pick up all of these for a discount through out web-store, here.

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2 Responses to “New Easy to Build Kits in this Week’s GW Pre-Order”

  1. Michael Corr December 17, 2017 3:26 am #

    I might have to pick up some of the Primaris ones, a nice bit cheaper than the full kit.

    • Reecius December 17, 2017 3:12 pm #

      Yeah, same. These are a good deal.

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