Chapter Tactics #40: Post NOVA Meta Analysis and Aeldari Faction Review

Chapter Tactics is a 40k podcast which focuses on promoting better tactical play and situational awareness across all variations of the game. Today PeteyPab is back from is 2 week hiatus to cover the results of 5 different large events, including the NOVA Open. He also gives his 8th edition meta analysis and dives deep into a review of the Aeldari faction with Skari from Skaredcast

Show Notes:

  • Click here for a link to the NOVA Invitational Bracket.
  • Click here for a link for information on downloading best coast pairings app where you can find lists for most of the events I mentioned.
  • If you like Skari and want to see more of his work click here! You can also support him on Patreon, where he submits patreon exclusive content daily.
  • Chapter Tactics is back! With Weekly episodes and a lot of tactical insight, this is your place for all things 40k in 8th edition.
  • Check out the last episode of Chapter Tactics here. Or, click here for a link to a full archive of all of my episodes.
  • Want more tactical information about the new edition? Check out our 8th Edition article archive to help get a leg up on the competition!


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17 Responses to “Chapter Tactics #40: Post NOVA Meta Analysis and Aeldari Faction Review”

  1. Avatar
    rvd1ofakind September 9, 2017 10:58 pm #

    Like you said:
    Imperium and chaos need more of a hit for Souping it up.
    The horde lists need to be toned down. Especiall horde + character spam lists.
    Something needs to be done about smite but It can’t be a global thing as plenty of armies that already rely on smite aren’t doing great and that’d make them worse.

    And if that leads to lists that win through Stratagems – that’s the game I want to play

    • Avatar
      rvd1ofakind September 9, 2017 11:25 pm #

      Oh and IG needs a hit with the nerf bat in general. It is the most powerful army right now. So many things are too cheap or too good

      Chaos isn’t an army, it’s a problem because of the soup thing. If they were forced into CD, CSM, DG and so on, they’d be a lot worse. While IG doesn’t need to do that. It is just mathematically superior than the other armies AND they still don’t have the codex

      • Avatar
        ryan September 10, 2017 5:18 am #

        lets not go overboard on the guard nerfs after 3 months. \they have been garbage for 10 years, its often way to easy to go overboard on nerfs when a more subtle approach is needed. Nerf conscripts abilities to take orders and only lose the ability to only take 1 casualty from morale and the faction is fine.

    • Avatar
      Threllen September 11, 2017 1:53 pm #

      Maybe the answer isn’t necessarily toning soup armies down, but just waiting for codexes to power everything else up.

      Soup armies really aren’t going to get much better than they are currently in the index (unless the codex buffs a specific unit’s statline/cost) whereas pure armies are all going to get more bonuses when their codex drops. So right now with 90% of the game confined to indexes there really is 0 reason to NOT use a soup army. Even with armies like the Imperium/Chaos only a few of their factions have a codex, the rest are still indexes. Maybe once the daemon dex drops and gives you a bunch of powerful bonuses, people won’t want to soup them up with CSM as much. And armies like ‘Nids or Orks who CAN’T do a soup army will get lots of cool bonuses.

      With that being said, I still think they may have made it a bit too easy to be considered a “pure” army because that usually just means the detachment is all that faction. And pretty much only relics require you to also have the warlord be from that faction. So most things you can still get access to by splitting your units across detachments (which is really easy with the force org charts). So I hope that’s something they find a way to fix.

      As far as smite goes, I think they just need to keep toning the individual units who can take it. There are already plenty of examples (i.e. – Rubric Marines or Grey Knights) where they have a much weaker version of the standard smite so as to not make it so powerful. But some units like Primaris Psykers and Malefic lords are pretty cheap for the fact they’re characters that get a full damage smite. Maybe those units also need weaker smites or a points cost increase. In the case of Malefic Lords it’s obvious they need a points increase.

  2. Avatar
    ryan September 10, 2017 5:21 am #

    Scions have already been nerfed with the prime tax, and if you actually do the math the feared 27 point mortor teams average 1 dead marine per turn, hardly OP. The primaris psykers are not even part of the guard book codex but could use a look. It would be nice to not have another decade of a trash army again because of how strong conscripts are.

    • Avatar
      PrimoFederalist September 10, 2017 10:21 am #

      Totally agree. All that needs done is a fix to conscripts – and I don’t even think they need a point fix, just a fix to how certain rules interact with them. Specifically, the commissar’s ability to turn any/all morale damage into one casualty. If you fix that, the entire rest of the army would be much more balanced as the currently invincible bubble wrap protecting the artillery and other damage-dealing units would be able to be destroyed after a turn or two if shooting or assault.

      • Avatar
        Will Grant September 11, 2017 5:00 am #

        Fixing conscripts will not fix guard. They will just take the infantry squads for 4 pts/model.

        Psykers just shouldn’t be sub 50 points. If malefic lords need a look then so do astropaths, primaris psykers, and even warlocks need a tune.

        Malefic lords and conscripts has simply been the narrative that has rolled down the hill.

        I’m on the side of let the books come out and fix the soup by adding synergies. I’m already seeing that in my list building. Tyranids will no doubt have some way to “endless swarm” cheap dudes with synapse and be a problem.

        Let’s stop witch hunting. I just don’t like this “nerf this/nerf that” precedent.

        Bc as someone that owns guard I will say that primaris psyker, mortars, and taurox primes all need a tune. Conscripts are a red herring. I think people don’t like playing against horde bc they don’t want to be force to beat fire with fire bc yes it is annoying to paint and move around 100 plus models.

        • Reecius
          Reecius September 11, 2017 8:19 am #

          Malefic Lords are far superior to the other examples you give. They get better on perils and they have a 4++, it’s silly, lol. They are one of, if not the, most out of whack units in the game baring some of the FW LoW units which are on a different level of crazy.

          And Conscripts are another prim offender. When there are–literally–thousands of them at big tournament then you have an issue. They are too efficient for the points and the kicker is that the Commissar makes them essentially immune to morale. They solve too many of the game’s problems by just standing there.

          They should still be good, absolutely, but not the ubiquitous unit that they are now. If it comes down to a choice between the actual core troop choice of the book, and the auxiliary unit, then that is a good thing.

          • Avatar
            Dakkath September 11, 2017 11:42 am

            If conscripts were 0-1 per detachment and didn’t have a keyword I think that’d go a long way to fixing them.

          • Avatar
            Dakkath September 11, 2017 11:44 am

            *a (regiment) keyword.

            Your comment system doesn’t like the greater-than and less-than symbols apparently

          • Avatar
            David Hayden September 13, 2017 7:40 am

            0-1 per detachment and no regiment keyword are things I could definitely get behind. If my Bullgryns can’t have a regiment keyword then I don’t think the conscripts should get one. These are guys who’ve had a lasgun in their hands for a few weeks. They’re not veterans used to following orders.

  3. Avatar
    Tony September 10, 2017 4:42 pm #

    Here are the top four lists from Flying Monkey, which you may already have gotten hold of.

    • Avatar
      David Hayden September 13, 2017 8:10 am #

      Thanks for that link. I’m going to a tournament in November, and it’s helpful to see what’s winning out there. I’ve got a strong list, but I don’t know that I can handle those winning lists. Have yet to face any lists quite that optimized.

  4. Avatar
    Don September 11, 2017 1:12 pm #

    If by 20,000 you mean 70,000 at gencon lol….also the miniatures tournaments are usually sad as it’s not a wargames convention. That is aderpticon in the Midwest

    • Petey Pab
      Petey Pab September 11, 2017 2:13 pm #

      Thanks for the correction! Yeah I know it isn’t primarily a wargames convention, which is too bad because with the crowd Gen Con pulls they could really help jump start our game.

  5. Avatar
    Asmeralda September 14, 2017 9:08 pm #

    Clarification on the Gencon tourney. There was a flight of 30 players on Thursday and a flight of 30 players on Friday. Top 15 from each flight advanced to Saturday finals. I placed 3rd in my Friday flight at 3-0. On Saturday I believe that is where your 29 players came from. Aaron Aelong (Sp?) won the overall tourney Saturday. I ended up 4-2 for the weekend and had a great time. Cincinnati Arsenal ran a good tourney. Door prizes were awesome as well. I won a mat from you guys when they did door prizes after the tourney. Thank you for supporting it.

  6. Avatar
    Kelsey Haley September 21, 2017 5:04 pm #

    Just to be clear…

    Alex Fennell borrowed my army. Not the other way around.

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