So You Think You Can Paint?

Have you ever thought you had what it takes to be a professional miniature painter?  Maybe you already have a successful miniature painting commission studio and you would like a little extra bit of extra work to fill in the gaps between projects.

Want to date models?

Drive fancy cars?

Meet celebrities?

Then why not apply for a position as an outside commission artist for Frontline Gaming?!

Once again the Frontline Gaming paint commission studio is looking for talented individuals to join our outside the studio art team! We preferably would like to work with artists that have established studios or that can dedicate a majority of their time to completing commissions and at this time are looking for high level artists that can complete our Tabletop Plus and Masterclass level jobs. Examples of both can be seen below.   If you are interested and believe you have the talent to match the paint jobs seen in the photos please reach out to us at  Please send us the following information

  • Your name and contact information, including phone number and best time to call as well as your location.
  • Links to your studio page or portfolio page
  • Attach photos of recently completed projects.


And remember, Frontline Gaming sells gaming products at a discount, every day in their webcart!


About Jason

Raw Dogger, aka, Phat J Sleaze (formerly of the Booty Boyzzz) is a highly opinionated, questionably skilled 40k enthusiast. When not working at Frontline Gaming, he can be found down on Jabroni Avenue.

5 Responses to “So You Think You Can Paint?”

  1. Don Tomaso August 28, 2017 6:44 pm #


    ..must say I am a wee bit tempted 😛

    Cookie for anyone guessing where the helmets come from *mwahaha*

  2. Dbiesto August 28, 2017 6:54 pm #

    Best of luck! You should definitely reach out to people in the forums of miniature sites in addition to this post if its legal. You never know how lucky you might get.

  3. Don Tomaso August 28, 2017 10:16 pm #

    Legal? Wait what?

  4. Don Tomaso August 28, 2017 10:16 pm #

    Legal? Wait what?

  5. Dbiesto August 30, 2017 7:21 pm #

    pretty sure its legal to contact ppl through user profiles on other sites to try to hire them, like if you see someone post their work on dakkadakka for example to try to hire them through a pm or post a reply on their work. Not positive, but didnt see anything saying its not allowed to try to hire them from their profiles online.

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