Legion Rules Being Revealed!

Wow, these are exciting!

Emperor’s Children

These look pretty awesome. You can see the full articles over at the Warhammer-community page.

Iron Warriors

Night Lords

These are pretty amazing. As a Night Lords player, I can tell you the total package you get with them is incredible. I have lists and combos I am just waiting to share with everyone. Really, a great codex and one that will put a big smile on Chaos Space Marine player’s faces!

What do you think?


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58 Responses to “Legion Rules Being Revealed!”

  1. bonesaww666 August 2, 2017 1:51 pm #

    As a long standing devotee to Khorne (since 3rd after they discontinued GSC) I am absolutely frothing at the mouth to get my hands on this book!

    I’m currently building some custom ‘zerkers to slowly replace the 60 I have (some from when the kit first hit shelves!) out of Wrathmongers/Bloodwarriors FW and Puppetswar bits, I cannot wait!

    Now, will Bloodslaughterers gain the benefits of the World Eaters traits…

    • Reecius August 2, 2017 1:54 pm #

      Dude, you have no idea! Chaos are AWESOME! So stoked for this book to drop there are things in it which will really shift the meta.

      • black mage August 2, 2017 2:26 pm #

        the meta cant change until u have IG so cheap and cost effective… period…. BAO docet.

        • Reecius August 2, 2017 2:47 pm #

          Lol, what? A tad bit of hyperbole there, friend. One event does not the meta make =)

          And, what if Chaos has some tools to take down some of the IG stuff in it? =)

          • Novastar August 2, 2017 11:02 pm

            Blood Angels Baal Preds would have helped sort out those horde armies lol

          • blackmage August 3, 2017 3:38 am

            U right a single event wont mean a lot about meta, but is a big hint 3 top lists have AM in it, im sure am will be a force to rekon in 8th edition

          • PrimoFederalist August 3, 2017 9:30 am

            They should probably tweak how the Commisar works, however, the list that won is one of the fluffiest IG lists I’ve seen in a while. It’s basically an infantry company supported by artillery and spec ops – it’s very similar to my IG list I tried to make work all through 7th to no avail. That such a list is winnjng tourneys in 8th is amazing.

  2. bonesaww666 August 2, 2017 1:53 pm #

    I do have to say that Night Lords honestly look like an amazing and fun army to play come the new ‘dex, maybe my 25 Warptalons need a new helmet or two!

    • Reecius August 2, 2017 1:55 pm #

      Muahahaha! My legion will–for the first time since like 3.5e–kick ass! There’s even more to see, too, not much longer to wait….

      • bonesaww666 August 2, 2017 6:10 pm #

        Oh, do I feel you on that one, to finally have people’s ass cheeks clench when they see Berzerkers hit the field again is ever so magnificent!

        • Blight August 2, 2017 9:31 pm #

          +1 attack on the charge then pop the khorne stratagem to get them an extra pile in and attack in the fight phase. Watch zerks tear through an entire tau gunline.

          • Pingor August 3, 2017 5:33 am

            When was the last Tau gunline you saw?^^

      • Novastar August 2, 2017 11:05 pm #

        Poor Iron Warriors look so lackluster 🙁 1: I can’t believe they did a copy paste and 2: it was a crappy chapter tactic that they copied. If Perterabo wasn’t an immortal Daemon prince he’d be spinning in his grave knowing they copied the imperial fist

    • Kartr_Kana August 2, 2017 6:53 pm #

      I saw the Night Lords stuff and the first thought was “welp I guess I’m taking the Banner of the Emperor Ascendant in every list I build!” 😛

      8th is very flavorful so far and I can’t wait to see what the game looks like after everyone’s codex is out.

      • Blight August 2, 2017 9:37 pm #

        That banner must die.
        Chaos psychic powers can do a bit of sniping but pretty much max 3 mortal wounds.
        Only sniping shooting are marauders from the traitor guard though they only have 2 rifles per squad.
        Hope there’s a stratagem or something that allows a unit to shoot at characters. Alpha legion kill teams come to mind.

        • Alex August 3, 2017 4:25 am #

          Good luck sniping it, since I deploy it via Droppod thus having an instant LOS blocker available.

  3. Threllen August 2, 2017 2:13 pm #

    I’m still dubious about the Night Lords. I really WANT their mantra of terror to be an effective course of fighting a battle. And I feel like it’s much more suited for 8th ed than 7th where leadership was a joke for a huge number of armies.

    However, I think GW has already started too far down the “leadership is meaningless” rabbit hole and it’s only going to get worse.
    -30pt commissars make those giant Conscripts totally immune to your army
    -‘Nids straight up ignore morale when in synapse range
    -Marines in general are fairly well insulated with re-rolls from ATSKNF while Ultramarines are even more powerful in this regard
    -We’re starting to see many relics/HQ traits that cause a total morale immunity bubble

    I’m unsure if GW has really accomplished their “make morale more meaningful” promise or whether they’re already adding too many ways to mitigate it. Most small, elite armies don’t care much about morale because the smaller unit size makes it less powerful naturally. And a lot of horde armies have dedicated ways of buffing/ignoring morale to the point where the terror tactics don’t work on them, either.

    • Reecius August 2, 2017 2:54 pm #

      You said it, it is WHEN they are in Synpase. Night Lords will do exceptionally against armies that don’t have morale control but even when they do, if you can build a list to remove some of those buffs, Night Lords rock folks. It especially becomes prevalent at the end of the game, IME. And trust me, lol, ATSKNF doesn’t mean squat when you have a native -5 to morale before any casualties are inflicted with Night Lords! It’s brutal. You kill 1 model, then move on to another unit, kill 1 model, etc. Then the entire unit goes poof or your opponent burns CP to keep them around. It is brutal.

      There’s so much more to it than you are seeing right now, too. Trust me =)

      • Blight August 2, 2017 10:01 pm #

        Hey you might have some input on this one. So re-rolls happen before modifiers and I believe ATSKNF fear only re-rolls failed morale tests, so wouldn’t ATSKNF only kick in if the test would have failed before modifiers. So say we cause 1 casualty with a butcher cannon (-2 to morale ld), there are 3 Nurgle raptors next to the unit (-5 to ld), and heck a hellforged proteins is in range too (another -1). Wouldn’t the re-roll never happen?

    • Anggul August 2, 2017 3:21 pm #

      I really don’t see the need to make morale meaningful for everyone. In the lore, lots of things just aren’t much scared of stuff, there’s nothing wrong with that being reflected in the rules.

      The answer is to make it so there aren’t any units or factions that rely *entirely* on morale shenanigans to do their job, just make it a cool bonus if it does happen to mean something against the current enemy.

      • Alex August 2, 2017 3:40 pm #

        I like the dimension it adds to the game.

      • punchymango August 2, 2017 8:42 pm #

        The problem is that you can justify almost everyone being immune to fear, though. Space marines are super zealous, CSM are crazy, Demons are terrifying warp shit incarnate, IG have commissars, Eldar are super focused and disciplined, DE are high on drugs, pain, or both, Orks and ‘nids are traditionally resistant to morale, etc.

        I halfway expected 8e to just drop morale entirely, but if we’re going to have it, it needs to not be a system that 70% of the factions in the game don’t have to care about.

        • Reecius August 2, 2017 8:56 pm #

          They do, you have to remember that during the course of the game you won’t always have your auras up.

    • Jural August 3, 2017 11:36 am #

      Nid synapse is shorter range and doesn’t really impact the big bugs. so a lot of lists should have easily killed synapse or models which get out of range. I haven’t found in this edition that all of my models are always in synapse range.

      The Commisar needs some work, IMHO.

      Don’t orks basically ignore leadership too?

      SM really as well, if they go MSU

      It’s weird that so many armies basically ignore the new mechanic after getting out of an edition where morale was basically ignored…

  4. Threllen August 2, 2017 2:18 pm #

    Love that it appears any legion can still take a Mark of Chaos in 8th ed. That’s a welcome departure from 7th where the lack of marks really limited the effectiveness of some units (i.e. – Iron Warriors Oblits not getting access to T5 to prevent instant death).

    Might not be the fluffiest thing ever for the undivided legions but it really helps keep them competitive. Also you can always explain it away from a narrative perspective and use it more as a “counts as”-type thing.

  5. T6Ted August 2, 2017 3:17 pm #

    This my me hoping and wishing diabolical strength can be cast on Berzerkers haha but would understand if khorne models are blocked from blessings.

    • Blight August 2, 2017 10:04 pm #

      They can have it cast on them but it only effects one model not units. Great for a daemon prince.

      • Threllen August 3, 2017 5:44 am #

        Assuming they didn’t drop any of the already existing powers, Daemon Princes are going to be even more nuts in the codex. Iron Warriors daemon prince can take the relic to get a 2+ armor w/ regenerating wounds, someone can cast warptime on him, and he can cast diabolic strength on himself. Super fast, insanely hard hitting, and pretty resilient. Especially if you have other units that are just as fast alongside him to block shooting.

  6. Phaseadept August 2, 2017 3:26 pm #

    Night Lords can influence morale every turn, and stack it in many cases. No real Gimmicks required. I love that the legions are getting their fluffy rules back.

    • Reecius August 2, 2017 3:29 pm #

      Yeah and there’s a lot more to see, too. This is just a slice of it.

      • Blight August 2, 2017 10:05 pm #

        Hey do Daemon princes get legion tactics? They kind of implied it on Facebook and it would seem silly if cultists get it but daemon princes don’t.

        • Threllen August 3, 2017 5:54 am #

          Per GWs blurb in the EC preview, no they don’t as legion tactics follow the same restrictions as Chapter Tactics. Personally I think it is a good thing and it should apply to every army. The point of these tactics is to make the little guy more important. Monsters, vehicles, etc should not get traits or they just become amazing.

          “Legion Traits are powerful abilities available to Chaos Space Marine armies that provide bonuses to Infantry, Bikers and Helbrutes picked from the same Traitor Legion.”

          • Jural August 3, 2017 11:39 am

            It’s weird it wouldn’t impact Daemon Princes, but otherwise I love the limitation.

          • Blight August 3, 2017 12:16 pm

            Oh yes it daemon princes should really be the only exception. They are after all very much still a legionaire. The ones in the CSM dex are the ones that stayed with their legion after ascension. They also got it in the traitor legions supplement.
            Also HE Facebook said in response to them not having god specific traits that they had legion traits instead to compensate.

          • Threllen August 3, 2017 12:20 pm

            We shall have to see. Their legion previews indicate no, but that wouldn’t be the first time they’ve said something factually incorrect on the community site (I.E. – in the character preview article pre-8th they said any character with *10 or less* wounds couldn’t be targetted when the real rule was 9 or more.)

            It’s possible they just copy-pasted the bit from the Space Marines preview and substituted the word ‘dreadnought’ for ‘Helbrute’ without fact-checking it. But I’m not holding out hope…

          • Threllen August 3, 2017 12:21 pm

            9 or less***

    • Threllen August 2, 2017 4:42 pm #

      Alpha Legion tactic:

      “Player gets to make it up before every game. No one really knows what these guys do anyways.”

      • Jural August 3, 2017 3:01 pm #

        I laughed at this quite heartily!

  7. SideshowLucifer August 2, 2017 4:43 pm #

    I’ve been a Night Lords fan for many many years. I’m glad to see them getting some of their flavor back. Hopefully, they can be run without Daemons and marks as I always loved them as their original flavor of spurning the chaos gods.

  8. Dbiesto August 2, 2017 6:11 pm #

    My emperors children termicide is actually worth taking now definitely bringing a sorceror on bike so they cant deny that 18″ range to cast it

  9. Davis Centis August 2, 2017 7:58 pm #

    Heard that my Black Legion are getting something Ultra-marine-ish. If so, I’m very happy! So glad to see that Chaos Space Marines are truly going to be at least the equals of the Space Marines. It’s been a long, long, time since these two great factions were equals. Actually, have they really ever been equals? In any case, looking forward to Abaddon and continuing The Long War.

    • punchymango August 2, 2017 8:44 pm #

      It was the reverse in 3e; after the 3.5 CSM book, CSM were just sort of better at everything than loyalists.

      Honestly, though, I’m so accustomed to the way CSM rules have been written since 4e that I’m still sort of expecting the book to have something terrible about it.

      • Reecius August 2, 2017 8:56 pm #

        It’s really solid 🙂

  10. punchymango August 2, 2017 8:43 pm #

    Oh man, I’m so hyped to get my EC out.

  11. Nick Wenker August 2, 2017 8:51 pm #

    I feel like it will be really hard for the new CSM codex to compete with the price drops, chapter tactics, stratagems, and relics of the new SM codex, but I am excited to see whether I am wrong!

    • Reecius August 2, 2017 8:58 pm #

      What if chaos get stratagems, price drops, and “chapter tactics,” too? 🙂

      • Jural August 3, 2017 11:40 am #

        or… a random table!

    • Blight August 2, 2017 10:09 pm #

      2 wound possessed for the same price and tons of special buff to get them into combat and killing! That’s just one thing. From what I’ve seen so far we are going to do just fine against loyalists. Only thing they have on us right now is Guilliman and better buff characters.
      Really hope we get our own banner characters and chapter masters.

      • punchymango August 3, 2017 10:19 pm #

        The more I think about it, the more legit 2W possessed seem.

        Random attacks will probably keep them out of top tier competitive lists, but that’s a lot of beef and punch for their cost. Plus they can take icons.

  12. Jukka-Pekka Heikkinen August 2, 2017 11:03 pm #

    My armor is Contempt, my weapons, Fear and Hate. Let the servants of the Corpse-God tremble in fear for We Are Returned!

  13. Don Tomaso August 3, 2017 12:41 am #

    Looks good. Maybe the imperial fist mirror is a tad boring but at least they get fleshmetal armour and not a pathetic bolt pistol.

    Good to see some fluff in the CMS codex and no obvious OP crap everyone and their grandmothers will automatically exploit.
    Also fun to finally see useful night lords.

    So far a good job by the playtesters.

  14. OnboardG1 August 3, 2017 3:52 am #

    You weren’t wrong about Night Lords players being happy were you Reece?

  15. Horton August 3, 2017 4:01 am #

    I am loving it all so far! Can’t wait for more!

  16. Madcore August 3, 2017 9:46 am #

    Goddam, feel blessed this edition, was playing guard and chaos in 7th and felt disadvantaged a lot of the time to a point where I left the game for warmachine…Started back in 8th and wow, my guards are kicking strong and Choas look like are gonna get a decent dex this edition….

    Hopefully they won’t get eclipsed by other dex….Can’t wait to see this one…And oh god do I hope the death guard will get a good one too..Love this army but the look on the weaker side of chaos at the moment….

    Reece can you just tell me if you liked the Death guard codex, not looking for insiders, just your general feeling of the Death guards after the codex will drop?

    • Don Tomaso August 3, 2017 10:50 am #

      Sooooo strong!


    • Threllen August 3, 2017 4:37 pm #

      I haven’t played a ton of games with Deathguard yet, but they don’t seem too weak to me. They’re a beast to get off the table. Even lowly poxwalkers are infinitely better than Cultists for only one point more. 5+ ignores wounds, immune to morale, and can access T4 through Typhus (btw Typhus is ridiculously cheap considering he’s better than a Lord of Contagion yet cheaper as well).

      And I’ve quite enjoyed Plague Marines and Foetid Bloat-Drones.

      • Madcore August 4, 2017 4:50 am #

        OH I have played them too and loved my pox with Typhus, don’t get me wrong, I was not saying they are weak, I just felt that it was the only really viable way to play them….hope the codex will give us plenty of builds..

  17. Chaz August 3, 2017 8:04 pm #

    I’m just hoping we get some new Night Lords models, I love the fluff around the army but absolutely hate the giant bat wing heads.

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