Ninth Realm Ep.50 What do we want to see in the Generals Handbook 2017?

Ninth Realm Episode 49

Intro and topic:  Hello all and welcome to the 9th realm, an Age of Sigmar podcast.  Brought to you by Frontline Gaming where you can get all your gaming goodies at a discount.

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Main topic:

  • Three ways to play is still in there: Open, Narrative, and Matched play.
  • Path of Glory will be a separate book.
  • For open play more multiplayer battle plans and Triumph & Treachery rules.
  • Narrative will be expanded with siege rules and new Times of War rules, with rules for places undescribed at this time.  (Maybe a fore runner to Aelfs?)
  • Matched play will include new Battleplans, some new rules of one, and updated points for the factions.  (How long have we waited for a GW game with “quick” adjustments for competitive play?)
  • Allegiance Abilities for Fyreslayers, Seraphon, Slaaneshi hosts, Nighthaunts and over a dozen other factions.
  • Release date is not given, just says later this year?  Purely based on rumors from a few sources, by September at the latest.

What do we/you want to see in the Generals Handbook 2017?

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One Response to “Ninth Realm Ep.50 What do we want to see in the Generals Handbook 2017?”

  1. jared June 30, 2017 10:43 pm #

    Really looking forward to the time of war rules, and the more allegiance abilities. I just hope my Dispossessed are in there :). But the change I would like the most, are more battleline options, or less restrictive battleline and allegiance options based on keywords. For example, rather than “this unit becomes battleline if your army has the X keyword” change it to “this unit becomes battleline if your general has the X keyword”. But I would settle for more battlelines.

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