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A strange fate binds Roboute Guilliman, Grand Master Voldus and the Fallen Angel Cypher together. They walk a path of providence; though whether it ends in damnation or deliverance, none can say. On the battlefield, this triumvirate of warriors is an unstoppable, inspiring force, bolstering the morale of those they lead while shattering enemy lines with their staggering strength. Cypher’s pistols roar as Voldus’ psychic powers lash out – all the while, Guilliman strides like a reborn god, bellowing rallying cries and striking down countless foes.

This multi-part plastic kit contains the parts necessary to assemble the Triumvirate of the Imperium, 3 miniatures representing the formation from The Gathering Storm: Rise of the Primarch.

So coooooool! Can’t wait to see how this story unfolds.

This will sell out mega fast, so be sure to get your orders in ASAP. Shoot your orders to: or call 888-781-5120 and we will get your Primarch on the way to you !

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