Las Vegas Open 2017 Picture Gallery

Come on in for all the beautiful pictures from our 40k Champs, 30k, Age of Sigmar, and other events. All you have to do is bookmark this page and keep returning for updates.

LVO Setup Gallery: I will be adding more to this galery as I get other people’s pictures

In case you missed it I live streamed on Facebook the top tables for the Warmachine and Hordes event, as well as some of the new ITC terrain and FLG mats. The three videos below are just a little of what I filmed. Check our Facebook page to view the rest. We have the Robot City terrain and mat as well as the Snow 1 FLG mat in there too. Along with the rest of Tyson’s amazing top tables.

The Ork list that almost made me predict Orks in the top 8 in the 40k Champs.

The new ITC Orc terrain and Badlands FLG mat.

Here is the day 1 Photo Gallery including a TON of beautiful 40k champs armies on display boards. 

Day 2 Photo Dump, with a lot more Age of Sigmar, 30k, Crystal Brush Qualifying Minatures, and 40k Top Champs


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